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Baptisms; 1725 - 1763

Names - SHAW to VINES

Date Event First Name Surname Relationship Husband/Wife Father Mother Occupation Parish Living at Notes
25 March 1753BaptismJohnSch ?son  SamuelSarah Randwick This entry inserted between previous and next entries.
6 July 1744BaptismJosephShawson  George  Randwick  
19 September 1725BaptismJohnSimsson  GilesMartha Stroud  
8 November 1725BaptismMarySimsdaughter JohnSarah Stroud  
25 February 1733BaptismHannahSimsdaughter JohnSarah Randwick  
4 February 1759BaptismJohnSimsson  JohnRachel Randwick  
14 October 1742BaptismSarahSmithdaughter ThomasMary Stroud  
10 March 1745BaptismJohnSmithson  Giles  Randwick  
7 May 1746BaptismSamuelSmithson  Giles  Randwick  
16 June 1748BaptismElinorSmithdaughter Giles  Randwick  
11 March 1750BaptismThomasSmithson  Giles  Randwick  
24 February 1734BaptismNathanielSomerson  JamesHannah Stroud  
6 June 1755BaptismJohnStephensson  JohnAnne Randwick  
23 April 1729BaptismSarahTannerdaughter  Mary Randwick  
11 June 1734BaptismThomasTannerson  ThomasElizabeth Randwick  
19 September 1734BaptismJohnTannerson  SamuelSarah Randwick  
4 April 1736BaptismWilliamTannerson  SamuelSarah Randwick  
5 May 1738BaptismHesterTannerdaughter SamuelElizabeth Randwick  
17 December 1738BaptismSamuelTannerson  SamuelSarah Randwick  
12 May 1739BaptismJohnTannerson  ThomasElizabeth Randwick Eliz Tanner Widow
5 April 1741BaptismJamesTannerson  Samuel  Randwick  
24 March 1743BaptismThomasTannerson  Thomas  Randwick  
18 June 1727BaptismMaryTaylerdaughter NathanielElizabeth Randwick  
9 August 1742BaptismWilliamTaylerson   Mary Randwick  
8 July 1750BaptismElizabethTaylordaughter Nathaniel  Randwick  
20 June 1754BaptismSamuelTaylorson  NathanielRachel Randwick  
13 March 1759BaptismSamuelTaylorson  NathanielRachel Randwick  
7 June 1761BaptismEstherTaylordaughter NathanielRachel Randwick  
6 May 1740BaptismWilliamThomasson  JamesHannah Moreton Valence  
26 October 1735BaptismJohnTippetsson  Robert  Randwick  
19 September 1736BaptismThomasTomsson  EdwardElizabeth Randwick  
2 December 1755BaptismSarahUlydaughter WilliamMartha Stroud  
16 May 1726BaptismMarthaVickdaughter JohnSarah Randwick  
18 June 1727BaptismEli Vickson  JohnSarah Randwick  
18 July 1731BaptismKeterahVickdaughter JobSarah Randwick  
24 October 1731BaptismJohnVickson  ThomasMary Randwick  
22 April 1733BaptismHannahVickdaughter JohnSarah Randwick  
25 March 1739BaptismSamuelVickson  JohnSarah Randwick  
27 September 1739BaptismJosephVickson  SamuelMary Randwick  
18 November 1739BaptismJamesVickson  JohnHannah Randwick  
30 November 1740BaptismSarahVickdaughter Samuel(blank) Randwick  
5 September 1742BaptismMaryVickdaughter Samuel(blank) Randwick  
24 June 1744BaptismJohnVickson  Samuel  Randwick  
1 July 1744BaptismMaryVickdaughter John  Randwick  
19 October 1746BaptismJamesVickson  James  Randwick  
5 November 1746BaptismWilliamVickson  Samuel  Randwick  
22 May 1748BaptismSarahVickdaughter John  Randwick  
26 October 1749BaptismSamuelVickson  Samuel  Randwick  
18 January 1750BaptismThomasVickson  Nathan   Randwick  
26 March 1750BaptismHesterVickdaughter John  Randwick  
4 November 1750BaptismEstherVickdaughter Samuel  Randwick  
9 December 1750BaptismJamesVickson  James  Randwick  
12 January 1752BaptismHannahVickdaughter John  Randwick  
4 February 1753BaptismRebeccaVickdaughter JohnMary Randwick  
25 March 1753BaptismAnnVickdaughter SamuelMary Randwick  
13 March 1754BaptismJohnVickson  JohnMary Randwick  
2 February 1755BaptismJosephVickson  JohnMary Randwick  
25 March 1755BaptismDinahVickdaughter EmanuelMary Randwick  
2 November 1755BaptismJamesVickson  Samuel(blank) Randwick  
13 March 1757BaptismJohnVickson  JohnIdne ? Randwick  
17 May 1757BaptismSapphinahVickdaughter SamuelMary Randwick  
25 December 1728BaptismDaniel Vine son  ThomasSarah Randwick  
12 July 1735BaptismMaryVine daughter JohnJane Randwick  
5 December 1737BaptismSarahVine daughter JonathanJane Randwick  
18 February 1739BaptismWilliamVine son  JonathonJane Randwick  
8 November 1741BaptismHesterVine daughter JonathanJane Randwick  
20 September 1725BaptismBettyVinesdaughter JohnElizabeth Randwick  
20 September 1725BaptismMarthaVinesdaughter JohnElizabeth Randwick  
21 August 1731BaptismDaniel Vinesson  JonathanJane Randwick  
21 April 1733BaptismJamesVinesson  JonathanJane Randwick  
7 August 1744BaptismJaneVinesdaughter Jonathan  Randwick  
22 June 1746BaptismWilliamVinesson  Jonathan  Randwick  
5 March 1747BaptismMaryVinesdaughter Thomas  Randwick  
2 May 1751BaptismJohnVinesson  John  Randwick  
30 June 1751BaptismElizabethVinesdaughter John  Randwick  
24 September 1752BaptismMaryVinesdaughter William  Randwick  
23 January 1754BaptismJamesVinesson  JohnSevil  Randwick  
15 March 1754BaptismMaryVinesdaughter JohnSevil  Randwick  
16 March 1755BaptismMaryVinesdaughter DanielMartha Randwick  
5 December 1756BaptismSarahVinesdaughter JohnSevil  Randwick  
24 April 1757BaptismSolomonVinesson  JohnMary Randwick  
4 January 1758BaptismEstherVinesdaughter DanielMartha Randwick  
5 September 1758BaptismSarahVinesdaughter  Sarah Randwick  
1 February 1761BaptismMarthaVinesdaughter DanielMartha Randwick