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Gloucestershire Trade Directories

Here I have transcribed entries in the Morris & cos. Directory of 1876 and the Kelly's Directory of 1894. In addition to the entries for Randwick I have included the entries for surrounding villages. In my own research I have found that there was regular movement, in and out of Randwick, by what could be described as 'Randwick' families.

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Morris & Co. Directory of Gloucestershire, 1876

Kelly's Directory of Somerset, Gloucestershire and Bristol, 1894


Stonehouse, including Dudbridge,
  Ebley, Ryeford and Westrip



Stroud, including Paganhill, Whiteshill,
Ruscombe and Breadstreet.
1. Description.
2. Clergy, Gentry, etc.
3. a) Trades and Professions. A-C
b) Trades and Professions. D-H
c) Trades and Professions. I-R
 d) Trades and Professions. S-Y


Cainscross, including
Dudbridge and Ebley



Whiteshill, including
Ruscombe,  Breadstreet
and Paganhill.

1. Description
2.Official Establishments, Local
Institutions &c.

3. Private Residents
4. Commercial - Names A-C
5.Commercial - Names D-H
6. Commercial - Names I-P
7. Commercial - Names R-W
8. Bowbridge, Thrupp & Toadsmoor

Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire

Randwick, including Oxlinch