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Morris & Co's Directory of Gloucestershire


STONEHOUSE, WITH CAINSCROSS AND EBLEY.—STONEHOUSE is a parish in Stroud union, containing, by the census of 1801, 2600. and in 1871, 2787 inhabitants, with 2609 acres of land ; in the deanery to which it gives its name, archdeaconry of Gloucester, diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, hundred of Whitstone, East Gloucestershire, forming part of the Parliamentary Borough of Stroud ; 3 miles west from Stroud, 9 southwest from Gloucester, and 105 from London, on the Great Western and Midland Rail-ways, the latter having also a branch from here to Nailsworth, and each having stations here. The Stroudwater Canal passes through the parish. The manufacture of woollen cloths forms the staple employment of the town and neighbourhood, and some of the best West of England broad cloths are manufactured here from Saxony and Australian wools. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. William Farren White, M.A., is valued at £540 per annum, with residence and 26 acres of glebe land, and is in the patronage of the Crown. The church, dedicated to St. Cyril, is in the Perpendicular style, and consists of nave, chancel, north and south aisles, .and porch with low tower containing a peal of six bells ; it was rebuilt in 1855, with the exception of the tower ; a handsome stained glass window was presented by the Rev. Thomas Peters, M.A., J.P., of Eastington. The Rev. George Whitfield was formerly curate of this parish, and here commenced his celebrated career of open-air preaching, the church not being sufficiently large to hold his congregation they adjourned to the churchyard. The Independents have a place of worship here. There is a National and Endowed School under the management of a scheme approved by Her Majesty in Council, on the 9th August, 1872. The school was enlarged, and a new building for infants was erected in 1873. A Literary Institution was opened in 1865, and contains a large Reading Room and Library well supplied with the London and provincial daily and weekly newspapers, the library containing over 1,000 volumes. Classes are held in the winter in connection with the art and science department at South Kensington, and lectures are also given. There is a Cottagers' Society, in connection with which a Elower Show is held annually. Mrs. Nathaniel Marling is lady of the manor.
CAINSCROSS is a hamlet of this parish, which was formed into an Ecclesiastical district in 1837, comprising parts of the parishes of Randwick, Stonehouse, and Stroud, the hamlet of Ebley, and parts of the hamlets of Dudbridge, Pakenliill, and Westrip, containing, by the census of 1861, 1916, and in 1871, 2169 inhabitants ; in the deanery of Stonehouse, archdeaconry of Gloucester, diocese of Gloucester and Bristol: 1 mile from Stroud, 12 south
from Gloucester, and 102^ from London. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. John Geale Uwins, M.A., is valued at about £150 per annum, derived from pew rents, with residence, and is in the patronage of Mrs. Mary Ann Croome. The church, dedicated to St. Matthew, consists of nave, chancel, north and south aisles, and tower with one bell; it was erected in 1837. There is a National School for children of both sexes, with residence for the master, which has recently been erected. There is also a Savings .Bank here. The poor have charitable bequests producing about £10 per annum.
EBLEY is a hamlet of this parish, forming part of the Ecclesiastical district of Cainscross, 11/4 mile from Stroud. It contains an extensive cloth factory, capable of employing 800 hands. The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion have a place of worship here, which is a commodious building, originally erected in 1798, and enlarged in 1845. The Rev. Benjamin Parsons conducted the ministry of this chapel for 28 years, and died in 1855, and to whose memory there is a monument of polished granite in the churchyard, which was erected by public subscription ; he was the means of the British Schools being erected in 1840.
RYEFORD is a small hamlet of this parish, in which the Wesleyans have an iron chapel.
WE STRIP is a small hamlet, partly in this parish and partly in Randwick.
DUDBRIDGE is also a hamlet, partly in this parish and partly in those of Stroud, Rodborough, and King Stanley; it contains a woollen cloth factory, an elastic web factory, and two iron works. .


Bassett Mrs. Matilda Sophia, Alma cottage
Bawdwen John, Esq., Wake-field villa Baylis
Mrs. Mary, Stour buildings
Beattie Mrs. Emma, Regent street
Bullock Rev. John, M.A. (Congregational), 2 Springfield villas
Chapman Major Frederick Barclay (Retired 14th Hussars), Stonehouse Court
Darke Mr. Daniel, Doverow villa
Davies William, Esq., J.P., Bridgend house
Dunbar Mrs. Arabella, Stour buildings
Eshelby Douglas William, Esq., M.D.
Eycott Frederick, Esq., Oakfields
Garrett Charles Frederick, Esq.
Grimes Charles Cains, Esq., Acacia villa
Gwinnell Mr. William, Stour buildings
Hayward Miss Mary Anna Sarah, Hayward's End house
Hayward The Misses, Spring bank
Jones Mrs. Ellington
King Mr. Henry, High street
Lillwall Mrs. Eleanor, Stour buildings
Manning Harry, Esq., Moreton lodge
Poulton Mrs. Susannah, High street
Pugh Miss Mary, High street
Roberts Mrs. Emma, Hayward's end
Salter Mr. James, High street
Smith Lionel, Esq., The Lodge
Steele Mr. Charles, Regent street
Tilton John Edward, Esq., Elgin lodge
Tilton Rowland, Esq., Park villa
White Rev. William Farrar, M.A., vicar
The Vicarage
Woodman Rev. William Bathurst (Congregational), High street

[h. signifies private residence.]

Alford Thomas, chemist and druggist, High street
Antill Benjamin, shoemaker, High street
Astles John Westwood, gentlemen's boarding and clay school, Westwood Grove School
Bailey Albert, butcher and beer retailer, Gloucester road
BAKER HENRY, fly proprietor and postmaster, " Cross Hands" inn and posting house
BUCK ROBERT, builder, The Cross
Boucher Thomas E., professor of music, Bank buildings
Boweh Thomas, grocer and baker, Ryeford
Brain Henry, bird preserver, Regent street
Brooks William, watch and clockmaker, High street
Camm John Thomas, farmer, Olding's farm
William, jobbing gardener, Gloucester road
Champion Charles, baker and shopkeeper, Hayward's end
Chandler John, farmer, Court farm
Clissold Christopher, bootmaker, Bank buildings
Clutterbuck Jacob, chimneysweeper, Gloucester road
Clutterbuck Samuel J., tailor, High street
Cornock George, shoemaker, High street
COUSINS SAMUEL PEARCE, wheelwright and carpenter, Regent st
Critchley Charles, coal and salt merchant,
Midland Railway Station and The Wharf
Croome William, draper and outfitter, High street
Drake William H., butcher, High street
Dauncey Thomas Croome and Co., sley and harness makers, Regent street
Davies Robert S. and Sons, woollen cloth manufacturers, Stonehouse mills
Davies William (firm of Robert S. Davies and Sons) ; h. Bridgend
Davies William, Jun. (firm of Robert S. Davies and Sons) ; h. Bridgend
Davis Alfred, grocer, Regent street
Drinkwrater Joseph, shopkeeper, Workhouse row
Eshelby and Garrett, surgeons
Eshelby Douglas William, M.D. (firm of Eshelby and Garrett); h. The Mount
Evans Benjamin, beer retailer and waiter, The Cross
Evans Daniel, basket and mat maker, Regent street
Eycott Frederick (firm of Lea, Carpenter, and Co., Cainscross) ; h. Oldfields
Ferr Clement, stationmaster, Ryeford Station
Fawkes William, farmer, Bridge End farm
Fletcher Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Bank buildings
Ford Brothers, corn and timber merchants and millers, Ryeford mills
Ford George (firm of Ford Brothers) ; h. Ryeford house
Ford James, butcher, Regent street
Ford John (firm of Ford Brothers) ; h. Ryeford
Ford Samuel (firm of Ford Brothers) ; h. The Grove
Fowler Miss Catherine, butcher, Hay-ward's end
Gainer Joseph and Co., wool and woolen cloth dyers, Bridgend Dye Works
Gainer Joseph (firm of Joseph Gainer and Co.) ; h. Berryfield house
Gainer Robt . (firm of Joseph Gainer and Co.) Garrett Charles Frederick (firm of Eshelby and Garrett)
Glover Mrs. Ann Matilda, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Gloucester road
Grimes John Cooper, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for the Stone-house district, High street
Grimmell Joseph, commercial traveller,
Ivy grove
Hale Edwin, assistant overseer, collector of poor rates, parish clerk, and photographer, High street
Harrison Charles, builder, Gloucester road
HILL WILLIAM (late Salter), family grocer and ironmonger, High street
HILL WILLIAM (late T. G. Smith), Italian warehouseman and wine merchant, High street
Hillman James, beer retailer, Hayward's end
Hinder William, police sergeant, Hayward's end
Hirons George, stationmaster, Burdett rd
Holloway George, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, Regent street
Holmes Francis, commercial traveller, Bridge cottage
Hone Mrs. Jane, laundress, Workhouse row
Hooper Charles and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Bond's mills
Hooper Edward, haircutter, Regent street
Hurcomb George Alexander, tailor and draper, Burdett road
James George, tinplate-worker, Regent st
Joyce 1'eregrine, commercial traveller, High street
Kimmins Mrs. Elizabeth, ladies' boarding school, Hayward's Field Hall
Kimmins James Charles, corn and flour merchant, Ryeford
King Mrs. Elizabeth, "Wool Pack" inn High street
King James G., butcher and shopkeeper, Gloucester road
Leach Benjamin, shoemaker, High street
Lewis Henry, coal merchant, boat owner, and beer retailer, Ryeford .
LONG OCTAVIUS, land agent, surveyor, timber and agricultural valuer.
Mabbett Ambrose, "Crown and Anchor" inn, High street
McCall Gilbert, bookkeeper, High street
McCall Mrs. Margaret, stationer, postmistress, and stamp distributor, High street
Malpass John, jobbing gardener, Regent st
Mastin Thomas W., painter, plumber, and glazier, Regent street
May John, painter, plumber, and glazier, High street
Mayo Cornelius, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Regent street
Merrett Joshua, " Globe " inn, High st
Mince James, manager at Atlas Brick Works
Mortimer George, agent for Arnold and Go's Wickwar ales, Burdett road
Nash Samuel, baker and shopkeeper, Hay-ward's end
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (sub-branch from Gloucester), Bank buildings, open oil Wednesdays from 12 to 3 — Thomas Wood, manager
Neinenger Anthony, watch and clockmaker and furniture dealer, High street
Neininger Stephen, watch and clockmaker and working jeweller, Regent street
Oborns Samuel, farmer, High street
Orton John, stationmaster, Midland Railway Station . . ;
Pearce James, gentlemen's boarding and day school, Hill View House Academy
Pearce The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, High street
Pegler Mrs. Esther, haulier, Can Lane
Pegler Joseph, haulier, Regent street
Perkins Mrs. Sarah, laundress, Gloucester road
Phillips William, carpenter, "Woodcock lane
Pitcher Timothy, carpenter and wheelwright, Gloucester road
Raisher William, saddler, High street
Rea Alfred W. J., miller and corn dealer, Hayward's end
Red Mrs. Mary, fly proprietress, High st
Rose Charles, grocer, and china and glass dealer, Regent street
Sharp Joseph, farmer, Gloucester road
SHATTOCK AND CO., saddler and harness makers, High street—
Joseph Slatter, manager; and at Bristol and Gloucester.
Shipton Aaron, travelling cloth dealer, Regent street
Skelton Thomas, bird preserver, Regent st
Smith Mrs. Mary, straw bonnet maker, Regent street
Smith Miss Rebecca, draper, High street
Smith Richard, baker, High street
Smith Rowland, mill manager, Bonds mill
Smith Miss Susan, laundress, Hayward's End
Smith William, brick and tile maker, Atlas Brick Works—
James Mince, manager Sowls George, shoemaker
Stephens Henry, blacksmith and ironmonger, High street
Stephens James, engineer, machinist, and brassfounder, Hayward's end
STEPHENS JOSEPH E., ironmonger, and manufacturer of iron fencing and builders' iron work, Hayward's end
Taylor William, builder, High street
Tilley George, tiler and plasterer, Burdett road
Tilton John Edward, surgeon, Elgin lodge
Tilton Rowland, physician, Park villa
Townsend Charles, painter, plumber, and glazier, Hayward's end
Walter Charles, beer retailer, Oldings
Westmacott John, National schoolmaster, Schoolhouse
White John, farrier, Workhouse row
Wilkins Mrs. Mary, seed dealer, Hayward's end
Woodland John, baker and grocer, Regent street
YEO JOHN, draper, grocer, and agent for Rogers' celebrated A.K. beer, High street

Post Office and Postal Telegraph Office, High street—Mrs. Margaret McCall postmistress. Letters are delivered at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., dispatched at 11.30 a.m. Box closes at 11.20 a.m. ; North of Gloucester mail at 7.30 p.m. Box closes at 7.10p.m., can be posted with extra stamp until 7.20 p.m. London and general mail box closes at 7.50 p.m., can be posted with extra stamp until 8.55 p.m. On Sundays there is one delivery only at 7 a.m., and one dispatch at 7.30 p.m., Box closes at 7.50 p.m., for the north and Gloucester, and at 7.50 p.m. for the general dispatch. Money orders granted and paid, and savings bank and anmiity business transacted, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays until 8 p.m.
Postal Telegraph Office, open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sundays from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
N.B.—Care should be taken to address Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, in order to distinguish it from Stonehouse Devonshire
Wall letter box, Ryeford, cleared at 6.15 p.m., on week days only.

National Provincial Bank of England (sub-branch from Gloucester), Bank buildings, draw on chief office, 112 Bishopsgate street, London; open on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 3 p.m.—Thomas Woods, manager
Police Station, Hayward's end—William Hinder, sergeant in charge

Stamp Office, High street—Mrs. Margaret McCall, sub-distributor

Institute, Reading Room and Library, High street—Rev. W. Farren White, M.A., president and treasurer; John Bawd wen, secretaiy and librarian

Assistant Overseer and Collector of Poor Rates —Edwin Hale Registrar of Births, Deaths, and
Marriayes —John Cooper Grimes

St. Cyril's Parish Church—Rev. William Farren White, M.A., vicar

Congregational Chapel Wesleyan Chapel, Ryeford

National School—John Westacott, master; Miss Anna Maria King, infants' mistress

Midland Railway Station (Stonehouse and Nailsworth Branch), Ryeford—Clement Parr, stationmaster and goods manager

Midland Railway Station (Junction with Stonehouse and Nailsworth Branch)— John Orton, stationmaster and goods manager

Great Western Railway Station, Station street — George Hirons, stationmaster and goods manager

Gloucester — Thomas Dangerfield, passes through from Stroud, on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Sat, calling at the Crown and Anchor


Gentry and Private Residents.

Brewer Mrs. Esther Brewer Mrs. Jane, Albert terrace
Clissold Mr. William, Milton house
Dudbridge Mrs. Ann
Garner Mr. George Robert, 3 Ashler place
Gobey Mr. William
Heelas Wilberforce, Esq., Cainscross house
Martin Mrs. Patience, Humphries' end
Partridge Mrs. Annie, Oxford villa
Phipps Samuel, Esq.
Vick The Misses, The Laurels
Webb Mrs. Ann
Webber Mr. John, Dudbridge

Trades and Professions.

Bailey Wm., scripture reader, Hamwell leaze
BUTT AND SKURRAY, millers and corn merchants, Cainscrosss and Stratford mills
Butt Samuel (firm of Butt and Skurray Butt --, Fairlight
Cainscross and Ebley Co-operative Society, grocers, bakers, butchers, and boot and shoe dealers—Eliam Ship way, manager
Chandler George, plasterer and tiler, Ham-well leaze
CITY AND COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER EQUITABLE BUILDING SOCIETY—Henry F. A. Davies, solicitor and managing director; W. R. L. Erackenbury, surveyor.
Coates Er, National schoolmaster
Cole George, day school, Moor hall, Humphries' end
Copnell Stephen, mill manager, Ashler pl
Copner James, tailor, Dudbridge
Croomes —, solicitors
Croomes Thomas Myers (firm of Croomes), solicitor, and Commissioner in Chancery, and Common Law
Curtis Charles (firm of Apperly, Curtis, and Co.) ; h. Cainscross villa
Darke George Henry, butcher, "White Horse " inn
Davis Henry F. A., solicitor, commissioner in Common Law, and solicitor to the City and County of Gloucester Equitable Building Society ; and at Albion chambers, King street, Gloucester
Davis J. W., " Golden Cross " inn
Davis Richard Miles, bootmaker
Davis William, auctioneer, Gladfield house, Dudbridge
Dickman, Benjamin, tailor and draper
Fawkes Walter Thomas, cabinet maker and joiner ;
Hall Miss Ellen, milliner
Hall Mrs. Sarah, weavers' harness maker
Hailing Charles, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Dudbridge
Hill James, earthenware and general dealer
Hooper Samuel Chew, assistant manufacturer, Ashler place
Hyett George, draper, grocer, and sub-postmaster
JEFFERIES SAMUEL, coal merchant and brick manufacturer, Railway Coal Wharf, and Railway Standard and Light-pill Brick Works.
Knight and Sons, ironmongers, coppersmiths, and tinplate-workers
Lea, Carpenter, and Co., brewers and maltsters, Cainscross brewery
Ludgate David, saddler
Lyddiard Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, Henley cottage
Mabbett Henry, carpenter and wheelwright
Merrett Edwin, baker, Humphries' end
Neate Matthew, printer and bookseller
Nicholls Samuel, blacksmith
Pearce Alfred, brickmaker and wheelwright, Dudbridge
Pearce John Alfred, chemist and druggist
Phipps Samuel, solicitor, commissioner in Common Law and Chancery, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women
Pike Henry, tailor and shopkeeper
Pincott Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Albert ter.
Pitt Benjamin, clerk
Ricketts Henry, mill manager, Arbutus house
Sandling John, basket maker, Dudbridge
Shill William Lyse, beer retailer
Shipway Eliam, manager of Co-operative Stores
Sims Joseph, potato merchant, Kingly cot
Smith Henry Charles, grocer and provision dealer
Smith Joseph, beer retailer, Dudbridge
Smith Thomas H., butcher
Ward Edgecombe Thomas, coal agent, Dudbridge wharf
Wicks Edward, clerk
Williams Richard, coal merchant, Dudbridge wharf — Edgecombe T. Ward, agent; and at Framilode
Wiltsher Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker

Post Office and Postal Teleyraph Office— George Hyatt, postmaster. Letters through Stroud delivered at 8.30 a.m. and (to callers only) at 2.30 p.m. ; dispatched at 10.20 a.m. Box . – 10.15 a.m. and 5.40 p.m. For North Mail box closes at 5.35 p.m., and General Mail at 8.15 p.m. On Sundays one delivery at 8.30 a.m., and one dispatch at 8.20 p.m. Box closes at 8.15 p.m. Money orders granted and paid, and savings bank, insurance, and annuity business transacted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Postal Telegraph Office—Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; on Sundays from 8 to 10 a.m.

Savings Bank—Open on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.— — Sturge, actuary

National School—Er Coates, master ; Miss Harriet Wright, mistress


Clergy, Gentry, and Private Residents.

Davies Mrs. Spry, Elmfield house
Grove Mr. William, Cambridge house
Jacob Rev. Elijah (Lady Huntingdon's Connexion), Ebley Chapel house
Jefferies Mr. Stephen, Ebley cottage
Leonard Alfred Selfe, Esq., Ebley court
Lewis Mr. Henry, Fairview cottage
Perks Miss Hannah, Fox Moor villas
Stephens Samuel, Esq., The Vale house
Tuffley Mrs. Susan
Uwins Rev. John Geale, M.A., vicar of Cainscross, The Vicarage
Vick Mrs. Mary, Malthouse
Watkins Mr. Frederick

Trades and Professions.

Apperley William, shoemaker
Ashmead John, baker
Baker John, farmer, Westrip
Barnard Edgar H., reed and heald maker, and commission agent
Bassett William, shoemaker
Bennett George, shoemaker
Bishop Mrs. Ann, dressmaker
Butt Benj., painter, plumber, and glazier
Capner Mrs. Hannah, basket maker
Casswell Joshua G., commercial traveller, Clare villa
Daniels Augustus, beer retailer and butcher
Dauncey Thomas William, teacher of music and music seller, Ebley
Davis John Uriah, clerk of the works
Denton Charles, shoemaker
Fowler Mrs. Charlotte, tobacconist
Fry Edward, jobbing gardener, Springfield cottage
Harper Jas. (firm of Thomas and Harper) ; h. Byron cottage
Hopking Charles, baker and grocer
IDDLES AND CO., bakers and confectioners
Jefferies Charles, grocer
Jefferies Mrs. Hannah (Exors. of), hauliers and beer retailers
Jefferies Henry, grocer and seedsman Jefferies Joseph, beer retailer
Jefferies Miss Mary Jane, shopkeeper, Westrip
Keene William, wireworker
Lane Joseph, commercial traveller, Raglan villa
LANE WILLIAM, miller, Ebley Flour mills
Latham Jacob, general dealer
Leonard Alfred Selfe (firm of Marling and Co.) ; h. Ebley court
Lewis Samuel, painter, plumber, glazier, and paperhanger.
Marling and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Ebley and Stanley mills
Merrett John, beer retailer, Westrip
Oakes William, commercial traveller, Ebley house
Falser William, draper
Perkins Mrs. Mary Ann, laundress
Pitt George, builder, carpenter, and joiner
Pitt Thomas George, carpenter and joiner
Poole Miss Catherine, dressmaker
Preston William S., schoolmaster, Tetbury cottage
Priestley William, machinist, Yew Tree cottage
Redman George, manager
Sargent Miss Ann, upholstress
Shipway Jehu and Son, millwrights, engineers, and machinists, Ebley
Slatterie The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, Cambridge house
Smith Charles, " Old Crown " inn
Smith Frederick, commercial traveller, Cedar villa
Smith James, beer retailer and eating-house-keeper
Smith Jph., mill manager, Highfield villa
Stanley George, shopkeeper
Steel George, farmer, Chestnut farm
Stephens Samuel (firm of Marling & Co.); h. The Vale house
Teakle Mrs. Maria, laundress
Thomas and Harper, teazle merchants
Tiley William, butcher
Twining Thomas, tailor
Vines Henry, baker
Walkley William, "Lamb " inn
Webb Henry, British schoolmaster, and deputy registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for the Stonehouse district, Devonia cottage
Webb Thomas, timber merchant, Ebley Saw mills
White Thomas, plasterer and tiler
White Thomas, plumber, glazier, painter, and paperhanger

Wall Letter Box—Cleared at 5.30 p.m. on week-days only. Stroud is the post town, and Cainscross the nearest money order and telegraph office

British School—Henry Webb, master; Mrs. Ann Webb, mistress