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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire


Aldridge Alfred Ernest, china & glass dealer, 1 High st Aldridge Charles, jun. boot maker, Church street
Aldridge George Frederick, china & glass dealer, 13 High street
Aldridge Hiram, watch maker, Church street
Aldum Mary Ann (Mrs.), coal dealer, Bath place
Allen Charles Henry, tailor, Old Bisley road
Allen John, confectioner, Middle street
Andrews Henry T”. Corn Exchange P.H. High street
Angel Charles, temperance hotel & Button’s receiving house, Russell street
Anthony T. P. & Co. linen drapers & silk mercers, 20 King street
Apperly Ebenezer L.D.s.E.c.s.Eng. dental surgeon, Rowcroft
Arkell George Pearce, farmer, Downfield farm
Armitage Ernest, land steward to Sir John E. Dorington hart. M.P. Park farm, Lypiatt
Arnold Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Union street
Ashmead Albert, blacksmith, Wallbridge
Ashmead Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Lower street
Aston Sarah (Mrs.), draper, Russell street
Atkins Hannah (Mrs.), greengrocer, Tower hill
Avery Thomas, butcher, Prospect crescent, Cainscross rd
Backhouse Herbert A. hair dresser, 29 Acre street
Badbrook Hall (John James Pegler, sec.), Badbrook
Bailey Albert, deputy registrar of births & deaths for Stroud sub-district, vaccination officer, sanitary inspector to the rural authority, & attendance & inquiry officer to the school attendance committee & to Stroud & Painswick school boards, Rowcroft retreat
Baker Henry, Swan hotel, Union street
Baker Samuel, baker & shopkeeper, Towerhill
Ball Alfred John Morton (firm, Croome, Ball & Smith), solicitor, commissioner for oaths & coroner for the Stroud division of the county & joint registrar & high bailiff of county court, Town Hall offices
Ball George, tailor, Rose cottage, Slad road
Ball Thomas, confectioner, Towerhill
Barnfield John, tiler & plasterer, 58 Middle street
Barrett Richard, chemist & druggist, The Cross
Barton Mary (Mrs.), tailoress, 55 Middle street
Bassett Charles, chimney sweeper, Towerhill
Bassett Bertram 0. hair dresser, Gloucester street
Bateman Henry James, wine & spirit merchant, 2 Bedford street
Bates George, Ship inn, Wallbridge
Baxter Alfred & Son, hop merchants
Baxter Nathaniel, builder, Slad road
Baxter Walter William, painter, Castle street
Beale Alex. Webb, H.E.I.C.S. auctioneer, valuer &c.Lansdown auction rooms; & at Gloucester
Beavis Henry R. builder & contractor, Slade road
Beck Andrew James, butcher & beer retailer, Nelson st
Bell Andrew (exors. of), linen draper, 56 High street
Bennett Albert Charles, farmer, Slad farm
Bennett Henry, carpenter, John street
Bert & Co. hatters, hosiers & shirt makers, 6 Kendrick street
Berman Charles, tailor, Slad road
Berry Thomas, shopkeeper, Bowbridge lane
Berryman Benjamin, carpenter, Slad road
Birt Frederick James, watch & clock maker, Lansdown
Birt George, grocer, 4 & 5 High street
Bishop W. & Son, wool dyers, Stroudwater dye works, London road
Bishop Henry, cabinet maker, Chapel street
Bishop Mary Ann (Mrs.), tailoress, Spider lane
Bishop William H. greengrocer, fishmonger & game dealer, Gloucester street
Biss Charlotte & Emily (Misses), milliners & drapers, 66 High street
Blackwell Henry, wardrobe dealer, 13 Nelson street
Blanch Henry John Thomas M.B.C.S. surgeon, Winch-comb house, Nelson street
Blanch John, registrar of births & deaths for Stroud sub-district, Rowcroft retreat
Blandford Isabella (Mrs.), tailoress, Tower hill
Bond William, shopkeeper & shoe maker, Tower hill
Bowerman George, sen. shopkeeper, 62 Middle street
Bowerman George, haulier, 56 Middle street
Bown J. & Co. mineral water manufacturers, Lansdown
Bowyer Ellen (Mrs.), coffee tavern, 25 High street
Bradford Emma (Mrs.), Royal George hotel, King st
Bradford Kathleen (Mrs.), costumier, 52 London road
Bradley David, tailor, 31 Gloucester street
Brinkworth Arthur Henry, baker, Whitehall
Brinkworth George, middle class school, 33 Middle st
Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (Charles Witchell, local sec)
Broad Wm. drawing master, Bloomfield vil. New Bisley rd
Brothers William, tailor, 25 London road
Brown Christopher, shopkeeper, n Parliament street
Browning Henry, butcher, Gloucester street
Browning John, plumber, Lower street
Brownjohn Charles, shoe maker, 20 Church street
Bryant John, china dealer, 18 King street
Bullock Henry, milk dealer, Old Bisley road
Burghope Harriett M. (Miss), shopkeeper, Slad road
Burrns Edmund, butcher, Horns road
Burton Annie & Fanny (Misses), dress makers, New Bisley road
Buscomb John M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Russell st
Butcher Martha (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 59 Middle street
Butcher Theophilus, tailor, Old Bisley road
Butcher William, agent for Singer’s sewing machines, Middle street
Butt & Son, coal & brick & tile mers. Middle wharf
Butterfield James, accountant, 3 Granville villa, New Bisley road
Capital & Counties Bank (The) Limited (with which has been amalgamated the Gloucestershire Banking Co.) (branch) (Edward Weedon Winterbotham, manager),High street; draw on head office, 39 Threadneedlestreet, London E c
Carter Henry, baker, Summer street
Carter Joseph, machinist, New Bisley road
Carter William, blacksmith, Union street
Cassacca Sylvester, birmingham hardware stores, Gloucester street
Catholic Convent of St. Rose (Sister Agnes Teresa, prioress), Beeches green Cemetery Frederick Winterbotham, clerk to the burial board;
George Holmes, superintendent), Bisley road
Cetta John & Julius, hardware dealers, High street
Challenger Benjamin, supt. Prudential Assurance Co.Woodburn terrace, Middle street
Chapman George Thomas, blacksmith, Gloucester street
Chew Thomas Liddiatt & Sons, engineers, ironmongers,
plumbers & art metal workers, 24 King st. & Bath st
Chew Jas. music wareho. & prof, of music, Russell st
Churches Esther (Miss), dress maker, Slad road
Churches Frances (Mrs.), apartments, Slad road
Citizen Newspaper (branch office) (George Horwood, publisher; published every evening), London road
Clark Caroline Emma (Miss), teachr. of music, Lansdown
Clark Sophia (Miss), insurance agent, Lower street
Clark Thomas James, carpenter & undertaker, New Bisley road
Clarke E. & Co. steam launch builders, Hope mills
Clarke James, baker, Parliament street
Clarke Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, Summer street
Clift Alfred John, woollen cloth merchant
Clissold William, architect & surveyor, London road
Clissold William Ernest, carpenter, Parliament street
Clutterbuck Richard & Son, furniture brokers, 14 High st
Clutterbuck Arthur, tobacconist, Russell street
Clutterbuck Charles, tobacconist, Gloucester street
Clutterbuck Lilian (Miss), day school, 10 Nelson street
Coley Samuel James, chemist & druggist, 57 High street & King street
Colledge Thomas Charles i.D.s.alas. dentist, 15 Lansdown; & at Nailsworth
Collins John, tailor, Slad road
Collins Wm. stationer & registrar of marriages, King st
Coltart Gilbert, commercial traveller, 5 London road
Conservative Association Reading Room (John James Pegler, sec.), Badbrook hall
Cooke Alfred Square, surgeon, & medical officer to theworkhouse, Badbrook house
Cooper Benjamin, woollen agent, Lightpill road
Co-operative Stores (Joseph William Aldridge, manager),Chapel street
Cormell Samuel, agent to R. T. Smith & Co. 21 Slad rd
County Court (Robert Alexander Anderson & Alfred John Morton Ball, registrars & high bailiffs), Town Hall offices
County of Gloucester Bank Limited (Arthur Dunsford, manager), Rowcroft; draw on London & WestminsterBank Limited, London E.C
County Police Station (William Harrison, superintendent), Gloucester street
Coward William, tailor, 2 High street
Cox Richard Edwin, tailor, 3 George street
Craddock Edgar Henry, tailor, 7 High street
Craddock Emma (Mrs.), hosiery knitter, 7 High street
Cranstoun Kate & Elizabeth (Misses), boarding school, Abbotsford college
Cratchley Alfred Thomas, plasterer, Cainscross road
Cratchley Brothers, monmental sculptors, Russell street
Cratchley Thomas, glass & china dealer, Kendrick street Cripps George, fruiterer & seedsman, 14 King street
Croome, Ball & Smith, solicitors, Town Hall offices
Croome Frederick Henry, solicitor & commissioner for oaths (firm, Croome, Ball & Smith), Town Hall offices
Cubitt & Storry, surgeons, Dirleton house & Old Vicarage
Cull William Strange, accountant, Slad road
Curry Eosa (Miss), dressmaker, Bellvue