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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire


Iles James, baker, Middle street
Inland Revenue Office (Henry Hawken, supervisor), 1 Castle villas
Isacke Flora H. (Mrs.), brush maker, 25 Church street
Isacke Rose Stella (Miss), ladiesí school, Stratford Abbey college, Stratford road
James Geo. Henry, wholesale stationer &c. 14 Russell st
Jefferies Alice (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Middle street
Jefferies Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, & post office, Uplands
Jefferies Thomas, manager to R. T. Smith & Co. railway agents, New Bisley road
Johnson Arthur, draper & milliner, 26 George street
Jones Daniel, corn mer. Providence villa, London road
Keen Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Parliament street
Keene Samuel, shoe maker, Wood street
Keene William Henry, cabinet maker, London road
Kemble & Dash, steam & water millers, Stratford mills
King Jobiah, watch maker & music seller, 16 George st
Kittow Annie (Mrs.), draper & milliner, 38 High street
Kittow Charles, hair dresser, Swan lane
Knee Thomas, leather seller & cycle dlr. 5 & 9 John st
Knight Margrt. (Miss), dressma. Nelson ho. Nelson st
Knight Richard, brazier, Swan Swan
Kyle James, inland revenue officer, 1 Castle villas
Laidlaw John, jun. baker, 22 High street
Lambert. Chas. coal mer. London rd. & Station yard
Lamburn George, watch maker, Lansdown
Lane Louisa (Miss), milliner & fancy draper, 7 Gloucester street
Lansdown Hall (S. J. Dudbridge, manager), Lansdown
Latham Josiah, shoe maker, Springfield road, Uplands
Lawson Frances Tealor (Mrs.), Imperial family & commercial notel & posting house, adjacent to G.W.R. station
Lawson Vincent Alexander A.M.mst.c.B., F.S.A. engineer to the Stroud Water Co. & the Brean Down harbour & railway, 9 Rowcroft
Lee Emma (Mrs.), greengrocer & shopkeeper, Wallbridge
Lee Frederick Thomas, tailor, 27 High street
Lee James, stationer & news agent, 41 High street
Leet Anna (Mrs.), lodging house, Tower hill
Lendon Isaac, coach builder, London road & John street
Lennard Bros, boot & shoe manufctrs. 21 High street
Levy Isaac, tailor, 28 Middle street Levy Lewis, shopkeeper, Farrís lane
Levy Mark, tailor, 146 Lockinghill villas, Slad road
Lewis James Watkin, general draper & carpet warehouseman, 27, 28 & 29 King street
Lewis Richard, shoe maker, Lower street
Libby John & Co. woollen cloth manufacturers, New mills, Slad road
Little & Mills, solicitors, Lansdown
Little Edward Palling (firm, Little & Mills), solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Lansdown
Llewellyn Henry, fishmonger & greengrocer, 30 High st
Lochore R. Gavin,commercial traveller,Tower ho.Slad rd
Lloyds Bank Limited (William Marshall, manager), open daily 10 to 3 ; thurs. 10 to i; friday 10 to 4, George street; draw on London office
Longford Thomas, baker & shopkeeper, Parliament st
Loveday Joseph, commission agent, Church street
Loydell John William, b.eer retailer, Gloucester street
Loveland Albert, photographer, 24 London road
Ludgate David Hooper, saddler, 15 George street
Luker John, beer retailer, Cainscross road
Luscombe Edmund, saddler, 6 George street
Lusty Frank, farmer, Wadeís farm, Slad road
Lusty Frank, tailor, New Bisley road
Lusty Frederick, tailorsí cutter, Parliament street
MacLaren Duncan, beer retailer, Middle st. Uplands
Malinski Morris, tailor, Slad road
Mannings Sidney, tailor, Hornís road
Marchant Aaron Benjamin, beer retailer & dining rooms, 12 High street
Marling School (W. J. Greenstreet M.A. ; for assistant masters, see Schools, p. 299), Cainscross road Marlow George, maltster, Upper Dorington terrace
Marsh Eliza (Mrs.), baker, Bowbridge lane
Marshall William, manager of Lloyds Bank Limited,. George street
Martin Robert B. fish salesman, n Acre street
Matthews Fredk. Wm. bookstall manager, G.W.R.Slad rd
Mazzuchi Baldisaro, ice cream maker, 8 John street
Meredith George, beer retailer, Tower hill
Meredith Sarah (Mrs.), confectioner, 26 High street
Merrett Brothers, photographers, Russell street
Merrett Frederick William, umbrella ma. 3 Nelson st
Merrett Mark, umbrella maker, Middle street
Miles & Jones, coal merchants, Cheapside
Miles William, boot & shoe maker, London road
Miller Alfred, ironmonger & gas & electric engineer,. Gloucester street
Miller George, butcher & greengrocer, Tower hill
Miller James, shoemaker, Parliament street
Miller William Joseph, superintendent of London, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Co. 44 Middle street
Mills Brothers & Co. grocers & tea dealers, 58 & 59 High street
Mills & Dalby, dressmakers, g Lansdown
Mills Henry Hamilton (firm, Little & Mills), solicitor,. Lansdown
Mills Walter, tailor, 73 Middle street
Mitchell Ebenezer, haulier & shopkeeper, Uplands
Mitchell John, shoe maker, 28 Nelson street
Mitchell Robert, cabinet maker, King street
Moffatt & Hughes, athletic material manufrs. Rock millsí
Monaghan Thomas, outfitter, 53 High street
Moore Thomas, beer retailer, Acre street
Murphy John Holder, pastrycook, 20 King street
Mustard Elizh. Anne (Mrs.), milliner, Whitehall Mutton John, tailor, 18 London road
Mutton Thomas, beer retailer, Russell street
Nanscawen Lizzie (Mrs.), apartments, New Bisley road
Nash James, beer retailer, Horns road
Nash Ruth (Miss), shopkpr. & post office, Parliament st
Neame Alan, brewer & wine & spirit -nerchant, Eagle brewery
Neate & Son, cabinet makers, 12 Russell street
Neate Caroline A. (Mrs.), servantsí registry office, 12A,. Russell street
Need Margaret A. (Miss), aparts. Kent villa, Slad road
Nethercott Ann (Mrs.), furnished apartments, Devonshire villas, Middle street
New Zealand Mutton Co. (Arthur Bywater, manager), 7 Kendrick street
Newman Joseph James, gasfitter, 4 Union street Niblett & Co. mineral water manufacturers, Union st Niblett Frederick John, mineral water manufacturer. see Niblett & Co
Niblett William, chimney sweeper, Old Bisley road
Niblett William, Golden Fleece inn, Nelson street
Niblett William, jun. chimney sweeper, Middle street
Nichols Arthur, carpenter, 23 Church street
Nichols John Edward, basket maker, 23 Church street
Nicholls Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Tower hill
Nispel Henry, milliner & haberdasher, & agent for Wheeler & WTilsonís sewing machines, 17 Kendrick st
Nolan Lawrence Henry, Great Western station master, Great Western road
Northcott, Cartwright & Co. woollen cloth manufacturers, Woodlands mills
Ockford Helen Mary (Mrs.), costume & mantle maker,, 54 Lansdown
Ockford Jas. Robt. corn & seed mer. Lansdown mills
Okey James, boot maker, 20 George street
Oliver George, shoe manufacturer, 5 Kendrick street
Orchard Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 Middle street
Orchard Joseph, china dealer, 17 Tower hill
Organ Walter John, Bedford Arms P.H. 51 High st
Osborne George, rag merchant, Tower hill
Owen John T. Union inn, Union street Page & Co. butchers, The Cross
Parkinson John Collin, watch maker, Gloucester st
Parr John, cutter, Slad road
Parsons Robert Henry Best, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Bedford street
Partridge William, shoe maker, Horns road
Pass Samuel, coach builder, Nelson street
Paul Henry, shoe maker, Wallbridge
Payne Charles, architect & surveyor, Ivanhoe villas,
Payne Elizabeth Honor (Miss), milliner, Slad road
Pearce George, wheelwright, Lansdown
Pearce Henry Thomas, blacksmith, London road
Pearce John, saddler, 8 Russell street
Pearce William, greengrocer, Anchor road
Pegler Henry, carrier & shopkeeper, Church street
Pegler Maria & Mary (Misses), pawnbrokrs. 24 Middle st |
Pegler John James, farmer & income tax collector, Stroud Hill farm
Perriam Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, Slad road
Phelps William, plasterer & tiler, Tower hill
Phillimore James, wardrobe dealer, Gloucester street Pickard Thomas, secondhand clothes dealer & carpenter, Chapel street
Pielon P. G. inland revenue officer, 1 Castle villas
Pinfold Mary (Miss), apartments, 2 Winchcombe houses,New Bisley road
Plested Emily H. (Mrs.), stationer, Acre street
Plested Henry, grocer, Gloucester street
Plummer & Edmands, milliners, 9 George street
Pond Elizh. (Mrs.), teacher of music, Lower street
Postill Frederick, tailor, Slad road
Poulton & Son, builders, 98 Slad road
Powell Christopher, cabinet maker, 46 Middle street
Powell George, beer retailer, Lower street
Powell Louisa (Mrs.), teacher of music, 43 London road
Powell William, Post Office inn, George street
Pratt Edwin, coppersmith & ironmonger, Wallbridge
Price Henry John, assistant overseer & collector of poor rates for Stroud, Garfield villa, Bellevue; office, 3 Lansdown
Price E. & L. fruiterers & florists, Kendrick street
Price William, haulier, Tower hill
Pritchard Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker, London road
Pritchard Henry, tailor, 19 London road
Pritchard Richard, beer ret. & shopkeeper, Wallbridge
Pritchard William, cabinet maker, London road & Russell street
Public Baths (E. A. Elliott, proprietor), Bath street Ractliff Charles Arthur, surveyor of main roads, Stroud district, Kilminster farm