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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire


Ractliff William Joseph, farmer, Hill House farm
Ractliffe George Robert
Ridler, farmer, Stancombe farm
Ractliffe Charles, farmer, Lower Lypiatt
Randall & Payne, accountants & auditors, Rowcroft
Redding George, beer retailer, Tower hill
Redfern Edward, draper &c.1 & 2 George street
Redman G. & Co. outfitters, 27 George street
Reeve George, marine store dealer, Parliament street Restall & Ford, auctioneers & accountants, valuers & house & estate agents, 8 Rowcroft
Revell Thomas Edward, boot & shoe maker, 67 High st
Reynolds Samuel, George tap, King street
Reynolds Stephen John, tailor & outfitter, 6 High st
Ricketts Ellen (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Russell st
Ricketts James, beer retailer, Chapel street
Ricketts Louie (Mrs.), milliner, 14 George street
Ridler Jane (Mrs.), apartments, Lower street
Rine William, shopkeeper, Middle hill
Roberts Frederick, builder, Bath road
Roberts John, agent to Sutton & Co. 17 Russell street
Roberts’s Temperance hotel (Charles Angel, proprietor), Russell street
Rodders Julia Ellen (Mrs.), dress & mantle maker & milliner, New Bisley road
Rodway & Park, drapers, 26 George st. & 26 King st
Rogers Charles Manning, watch maker, 6 Russell st
Rowe Josiah Thomas, coal merchant, see Wood & Rowe
Ruck William Charles, tobacconist, 3 High street
Ruegg & Son, com. agents & accountants, 6 Rowcroft
Ruegg & May, stock & share brokers, 6 Rowcroft
Sampson & Co. patent leather belt manufacturers (Edward F. Sargeant, manager), Lower street
Sandling John, basket maker, 4 John street; & works at Dudbridge
Sansom Albert E. artist, Slad road
Sansom Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Middle street
Sansom William, painter, Slad road
Sargeant Alfred H. saddler, 15 King street
Savory Jesse, assistant superintendent Pearl Life Assurance, 27 Acre street
Scarlett Thomas K. carver & gilder, 12 Nelson street
School of Art (W. H. C. Fisher, sec.; W. Broad, master),Lansdown
Scott Fanny (Miss), tailoress, Fern cottage, Uplands
Scott Georgina (Miss), tailoress, Old Bisley road
Selway George Henry, tailor, Bedford street
Sewage Works (Edwin Watkins, lessee), Canal side
Shane Isaac, tailor, New Bisley road
Shaylor Edward, shopkeeper, Middle street
Shelton Edward, carver & gilder, 21 George street
Shepherd Alfred Henry, costumier, milliner & mantle maker, 16 & 17 King street
Sievers Ferdinand & Rudolph, surgeon dentists, 54 High street
Sims William, grocer, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit merchants, 65 High street
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine manufacturers, 9 Kendrick street
Skerton Wickliff Duncan, monumental mason, Middle st
Skinner Walter A. fly proprietor, Lansdown
Skinner William. A. fly proprietor, Glenview, Slad road
Slatford Morris, tailor, Slad road
Smith R. T. & Co. carriers, railway & shippings agents, Kendrick street
Smith Rogers & Co. Lim. pork butchers & bacon curers, 15 Russell street
Smith W. H. & Son, news agents, Railway stations
Smith Alfred Ernest, carver & gilder, Gloucester street
Smith Benjamin, hair dresser, Union street
Smith Bartley, cab proprietor, Slad road
Smith David, chemist & druggist, Market place, 54 High street
Smith Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, Acton house, Slad road
Smith Harry, cab proprietor, i Upper Dorington terrace
Smith Henry, beer retailer, Chapel street
Smith Mary Ann (Mrs.), tailoress, Old Bisley road
Smith Joshua William, hair dresser, 25 King street
Smith Richard Henry (firm, Croome, Ball & Smith), solicitor & commissioner for oaths & deputy coroner, Town Hall offices
Smith William B. Railway hotel, Russell street
Smith William J. cabinet maker, 23 Acre street
Snape William James, manager of Stroud Water Navigation Co. Wallbridge
Spencer Frederick, shopkeeper, Acre street Spencer Joseph, shoe maker, 9 & 10 High street Sperber Solomon, picture frame maker & house furnisher, John street
Spire George, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, & clerk to the Wheatenhurst union & to the rural sanitary authority & school attendance committees & superintendent registrar, clerk to commissioners of taxes for the Whitstone district, 17 Rowcroft
Spring Herbert William, auctioneer, Swan street; & at Painswick
Stafford Albert, shoe maker, Tower hill
Stamp Office (Henry Burden, distributor), Post office
Stanley Albert E. photographer, Lansdown studio
Star Tea Co. Henry Cadby, manager), High street
Steele & Son, bakers & millers (steam), 99 Summer st
Steele George Hy, draper, hosier & glover, Gloucester st
Steele Joseph, cabinet maker & tobacconist, 3 Middle st
Stephens Emma (Miss), dress maker, 30 Middle street
Stephens Esther (Miss), dress maker, Fort terrace
Stephens Julia (Mrs.), tailoress, 21 Tower hill
Stevens Florence Miriam (Miss), ladies’ school, 18 Lansdown
Stock Edwin, com. traveller, Springfield road, Uplands
Stockwell Christopher, Bell P.H. Wallbridge
Stokes George, Greyhound P.H. Gloucester street
Stone Harry, refreshment rooms, Gloucester street
Stone John Joseph, baker, 62 High street
Stone Joseph, grocer, Horns road
Stopford Belinda (Mrs.), beer retailer, Horns road
Storry Frederick William M.E.c.s. (Cubitt & Storry), surgeon, Old Vicarage
Strachan & Co. Lim. woollen cloth manufacturers,
Lodgemore & Frome Hall mills; & Bowbridge dye wrks
Strange Samuel May, grocer, 38 High street & 19 King st
Stroud Brewery Company Lim. brewers & wine & spirit merchants (The) (A. C. Gillman, sec) Stroud Club (Edward Northam Witchell, hon. sec.),
Subscription rooms, George street
Stroud Coffee Tavern (Mrs. Ellen Bowyer, proprietress), 25 High street Stroud Conservative Benefit Society (Henry Smith, sec.), Gloucester street Stroud Conservative Permanent Building Society (Alfred Thomas Ford, sec.), 8 Rowcroft
Stroud Free Library (Alfred T. Ford & Frederick Win-terbotham, hon. sees.; Henry Twissell, librarian), Lansdown
Stroud Imperial Hotel Co. Limited (Frederick Winterbotham, sec.), Rowcroft
Stroud Liberal Club (Ernest Thomas Poulton, sec.), Lansdown
Stroud News & Gloucestershire Advertiser (Edward Hulbert, publisher; published friday), George street; circulates throughout the county, more particularly in the West of England cloth manufacturing districts, the mining neighbourhood of the Forest of Dean & agricultural districts of West Gloucestershire. See advertisement
Stroud Journal (William Thompson, proprietor & publisher; published fri.); office, Landsdown. See adverb
Stroud Water Company (George Scriven, manager), Kendrick street
Stroud Provident Benefit Building Society (Randall & Payne, sees.), 5 Rowcroft
Stroudwater Navigation Company (William James Snape, manager; William Clark, wharfinger), Wallbridg
Stuart Robert Edward, solicitor, Bedford street Subscription Rooms (F. Winterbotham, sec.; S. J. Dudbridge, manager), George street
Sutton & Co. carriers (John Roberts, agent), Russell st
Swanson & Co. linen & general drapers, 17 to 20 High st
Tanner Jesse, beer retailer, Acre street
Tarrant William, house decorator, Slad road
Taylor Brothers, cycle agents, Bath street
Taylor Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Nelson street
Taylor William, shoe maker, Bath street
Taylor William, shoe maker, Gloucester street
Terrett William, grocer, Stroud hill
Thomas” Caroline (Mrs.), ladies’ school & boys’ preparatory school, 19 & 20 Lansdown Thomas Clare (Miss), milliner, Lansdown
Thomas James, dep_. sup. registrar, Registrar’s office, John street
Thomas John, dyer, Lansdown Thompson William, printer, publisher & proprietor of
‘Stroud Journal,’ Lansdown. See advertisement Thornton Percy, inspector of weights & measures, 42 London road
Thornton Sidney Smith, grocer, 21 High street
Town Hall (John Elliott, manager), Market place
Townsend Richard, seedsman, Thanet house, London rd
Townsend Wm. hay & straw merchant, Russell street
Trotman Anthony, shopkeeper, Lower street
Tuck William, baker & confectioner, Horns road
Tuck William Thomas, confectioner, “Gloucester street
Tyler Ann (Mrs.), marine store dealer, Parliament st
Tyler Frederick, marine store dealer, Tower hill
Tyler George, shoe maker, 23 Middle street
Tyler William Henry, shoe maker, Nelson street Volunteer Battalion (2nd), Gloucestershire Regiment (C Co.) (Capt. D. L. Winterbotham, commander; Color-Sergt. Frederick Hambidge, drill instructor), Drill hall, Bowling green
Waller Alfred W. surgeon, London road
Warman William, solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner for oaths, clerk to the guardians of Stroud union, the assessment & school attendance committees & to the rural sanitary authority & supt. registrar, 1 Rowcroft
Warren George, tailor, 26 Lansdown
Washbourn John, painter, 42 Parliament street
Wathen Edward, solicitor, 8 Lansdown
Wathern Charles, furniture dealer, Tower hill
Watkins Edwin, shopkeeper, Old Bisley road
Watkins Elizabeth (Mrs.), plasterer, Piccadilly
Watkins Edward Henry, plasterer & tiler, Whitehall
Watts Henrietta (Mrs.), beer retailer, Union street
Watts Mary (Miss), dress maker, Whitehall
Watts William, Crown hotel & dining rooms, The Cross
Way Henry, tailor, Hope villas, Uplands
Weare Joseph, butcher, & Lamb P.H. Church street
Webb Emma (Mrs.), dress maker, Lansdown
Webb Enos, King’s Head P.H. The Cross
Webb Emma (Mrs.), baker, Lower street
Webb James, haulier, Tower hill Webb Joseph, marine store dealer, Acre street
Webb William Barnabas, Rising Sun P.H. Nelson street, & marine store dealer, Nelson street Webb William Henry, fishmonger ,&. fruiterer, 1 Nelson st
Weight Edwyn, old dairy shop, 17 Nelson street Wells Walter, watch maker, 5 Middle street Weston Rufus James, tailor, King street
Wethered & Davies, surgeons, West Grange
Wethered Charles (firm, Wethered & Davies), surgeon, & sen. surgeon to the Stroud hospital, medical officer & public vaccinator No.1 district Stroud union, West Grange
Wheatley Charles, builder, Old Bisley road
Wheatley Frank, bricklayer, Old Bisley road
Wheatley Fredk. lithographic & general printer, John st
Wheatley Percy Alfred, beer retailer, Russell street
Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. sewing machines (Henry Nispel, agent), Kendrick street
Wheeler Richard Frank, saddler, 1 Tower hill
White W. I. & Sons, tailors, Middle street
Whiley Albert, beer retailer, Tower hill
White Edmund, baker & shopkeeper, 73 Chapel street
White John, music & general printer, artists’ colorman, stationer & bookseller, 23 George street
White Saml. (Sanil. Face, agt.), furniture dlr. Middle st
Whitehead Marcus, tailor, Horns road
Whiting Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, Uplands road
Wigmore Caroline (Mrs.), farmer, Well farm, Brown’s hl
Wigmore Emily (Mrs.), grocer, 56 Parliament street
Williams Cornelius, butcher, 28 High street
Williams Edward, tobacconist, 2 The Cross
Williamson, Dumi & Co. wholesale clothiers, George st
Wilson Cornelius, Green Dragon P.H. King street
Winn Edward, gasfitter, Slad road
Winterbotham & Sons, solicitors, 5 Rowecroft
Winterbotham Edward Weedon, manager of the Capital & Counties Bank Limited, High street
Winterbotham Lindsey Dillon, solicitor (firm, Winterbotham & Sons), 5 Rowcroft
Winterbotham Frederick (firm, Winterbotham & Sons), solicitor & commissioner for oaths & clerk to the burial board & to the Painswick, Rodborough & Stroud school boards & clerk to the Marling school, 5 Rowcroft
Witchell E. & Sons, solicitors, Lansdown
Witchell Arthur, Corn Hall P.H. Market place
Witchell Chas. Adolphus, solicitor, see
Witchell E.& Sons Witchell Edward Northam, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, see Witchell & Sons
Witchell Percy (firm, Witchell E. & Sons), solicitor, & clerk to the Stroud & Bisley local boards, Lansdown
Withey & Withey, grcrs. & wine & spirit mers.55 High st
Witzig Theodore, hair dresser, 16 Kendrick street
Wood & Rowe, coal, salt & builders’ merchants, Cheap-side ; depots, Nailsworth & Ryeford
Wood Charles, insurance agent, Horns road
Wood Frederick, cabinet maker, Gloucester street
Wood Harry, town crier, 7 Exchange buildings
Wood Rechab, glass & china dlr. & bill pstr. The Cross
Woodford Thomas M. Martin’s temperance hotel, Russell street, & florist & fruiterer, Great Western road
Woolley Joseph, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Summer st
Woolley William, coal merchant, Wallbridge
Woolmer Arthur, grocer, 23 King street
Working Men’s Conservative Association (John J. Pegler, hon. sec.), Badbrook hall
Wynn Helen & Hodevah (Misses), pawnbrkrs. 39 High st
Wynn Edwin, secondhand dealer, 7 Tower hill
Yates John Ryland, draper, 5 High street
Yost Henry C. beer retailer, Parliament street
Young James, accountant (law), Glenroy cottage
Young Frederick, shoe maker, Slad road