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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire

Official Establishments, Local Institutions &c.

POST & M. O. & T. O., S. B. & Insurance & Annuity Office, Russell street.—Henry Burden, postmaster
OFFICE OPEN.—For sale of postage stamps, post cards, newspaper wrappers, Savings Bank business, & sale & payment of postal orders, registration of letters & delivery to callers, week days, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Sundays 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (except for sale of postal orders). Money & postal order, insurance & annuity business, week days, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Telegraphic business, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; sun—days, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m
Dispatches—week days.
Bristol & Stonehouse, 3.45 a.m. ; Tetbury & Local Mails, including Town Delivery No. 1, 5.45 a.m. ; London, 7.50 a.m. ; Gloucester, 8.45 a.m. ; London, 9.15 a.m. ; Gloucester, 9.5 a.m. ; & Town Delivery, No. 2, 9.50 a.m. London, Swindon,Chippenham &c. 11.45 a.m. Gloucester, Cheltenham & Bristol, 12.50 p.m. ; Local Day mails, including Town delivery, No. 3, 1.35 p.m. ; London, Bristol, Oxford, Cirencester &c. 2.15 p.m.; Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, Malvern &c. 2.30 p.m.; Bristol, Bath & West of England, 4.10 p.m.; Gloucester & Cheltenham, 5.15 p.m. ; North Mail—London, East & South-West of England, 6.30 p.m. (with extra stamp, 6.50 p.m.); Town delivery, No. 4, 7.15 p.m.; London & places passing through, 8 p.m.; Bath, Bristol, Chippenham & West of England generally, 10 p.m. (with extra stamp 10.40 p.m.) ; London & East of England, Swindon, Cirencester, Reading &c. 10.40 p.m. (with extra stamp 10.50 p.m.) ; Gloucester, Cheltenham & South Wales, ii.30 p.m. SUNDAYS.—All parts of the North of England, Ireland & Scotland, 6.30 p.m. (with extra stamp 6.50 p.m.) ; all parts of the South of England, 10 p.m. (with extra stamp 10.20 p.m.); Gloucester & South Wales, 10 p.m. ; London, 10.40 p.m. (with extra stamp 10.50 p.m)
DELIVERIES at 7 & 10 a.m. & 1.50 & 7.30 p.m. On Sundays there is one delivery only, commencing at 7 a.m
Letters to be registered must be given in at the office half-an-hour previous to the closing of the box, or they may be posted till the closing of the box on the payment of double registration fee
parcel post.
DISPATCHES at 11.45.a.m.- & 1, 5.15, 6.30, 7.45 & 9 p.m
DELIVERIES at 7.40 a.m. & 1.50 & 7.30 p.m
town sub offices :—
Middle street.—John Alien. Box cleared at 9.5 & 11.30 a.m. & 12. 30, 1.50, 6.25 & 9.55 p.m. ; Sundays, 5.55 p.m
Bowbridge. Letter Box cleared at 11.20 a.m. & 1.30, 6.10 & 8 p.m. ; Sundays, 6.15 p.m
Parliament street. Letter Box cleared at 11.20 a.m. & I.40, 6.15 & 9.45 p.m. ; Sundays, 5.45 p.m Uplands.—Miss Eliza Jefferies. Letter Box cleared at 11.10 a.m., 12.5, 1.30, 6.15 & 9.35 p.m.; Sundays, 5-35 p.m
Marked thus t are also M. 0. O. & S. B. & Insurance & Annuity Offices
POST OFFICE, Thrupp.—James Hyde. Letter Box cleared
11.15 a.m., 1.15, & 6 & 7.50 p.m. ; Sundays, 6 p.m

County Magistrates for Stroud Petty Sessional Division.
Hyett Francis Adams esq. B.A. Painswick house, Stroud (chairman)
Dorington Sir John Edward bart. M.P., M.A., D.L. Lypiattpark, Stroud
Apperly Alfred esq. Rodborongh court, Stroud
Atkinson Col. Stephen Edward, Woodside Slad, Stroud
Buckler John Russell esq. Amberley, Stroud
Capel Lieut.-Col. William, 13 Morpeth mansions, London
Ellicott His Honor Judge Arthur Beecher B.A. The Culls, Stroud
Kimmins James Charles esq. Ebley, Stroud
Leatham Arthur William esq. Misarden park, Cirencester
Little Gen. Alfred Butler, The Grove, Stroud
Little Edward Caruthers esq. Field Place, Stroud
Little John Caruthers esq. Pitchcornbe house, Stroud
Percival Edward Hope esq. Kimsbury house, Upton St.Leonards, Gloucester
Ritchie Clement esq. Wood-Thorpe, Thrupp, Stroud
Stanton Charles Holbrow esq. M.A. 65 Red cliff c gardens, London s w
Stanton Walter John esq. Stroud
Winterbotham Edward W. esq. Bank house, Stroud
Clerk to the Magistrates, Edwd. Chas. Davis, 10 Rowcroft
Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall every friday at 11 a m
Parishes comprised in the division of Stroud :—Bisley, Cranham, Miserden, Painswick, Pitchcombe, Rodboro’, Stroud
There is a police station & a magistrates’ office at Badbrook, & here minor cases are adjudicated upon daily
Local Board.
Board day, first Wednesday in month at the Town Hall.

James Chew, chairman.

W. T. Sims S. J. Dudbridge G. J. Holloway T. W. Gardner A. T. Ford Silvanus Fawkes
Members. D. Smith J. White R. E. Stuart J. Hyde J. Harper E.Hulbert J. Chew J. J. Pegler J. Okey George Godsell R. A. English

Clerk, Percy Witchell, solicitor, Lansdown
Treasurer, Arthur Dunsford,
County of Gloucester Bank, Rowcroft
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Partridge M.R., C.P.Irel. Bowbridge house
Surveyor, George P. Milnes, 15 Castle villas
Inspector of Nuisances, Walter Ridler, Upper Dorington terrace
Collector, Alfred Thomas Dowell, Acre street

Badbrook Hall, Badbrook, John James Pegler, sec
Cemetery, Bisley road, Frederick Winterbotham, clerk to the burial board ; George Holmes, superintendent; James Nicholes & R. C. Rodway, sextons
County Court, His Honor Arthur Beecher Ellicott B.A. judge ; Robert Alexander Anderson & Alfred John Morton Ball, registrars & high bailiffs ; John Koberts, clerk. The court is held at the Town hall, tuesdays at irregular intervals. The district embraces the parishes of Amberley, Avening, Bisley, Bourne, Brimscombe, Bussage, Cains-cross, Chalford, Cranham, Horsley, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley, Minchinhampton, Miserden, Nailsworth, Painswick & Woodchester
Certified Bailiff under the “Law of Distress Amendment Act,” Peter Ireland, Bisley Old road
County Police Station, Gloucester st. William Harrison, superintendent, 2 sergeants & 8 men
Fire Brigade (Local Board), Market place, Jesse Tanner, Stroud hill, captain & 8 men
Fire Brigade (Volunteer), with fire escape, Market place, Philip Ford, Slad road, captain & 11 men; attached to this brigade is a fire escape, capable of extending 45 feet, & kept in the Market place
Free Library, Lansdown (Sergt.-Major Henry Twissell, librarian)
General Hospital, Trinity road (established 1790, makes up 30 beds),
George Robert Cubitt & Charles Wethered, consulting surgeons; Alfred Square Cookc & Frederick William Storry, L.R.c.P.Edin. surgeons; Albert Barnes Davies L.R.c.p.Lond. assist, surgeon; Harry Gordon M.R.c.s.Eng., L.R.c.p.Lond. house surgeon; Miss Craw-ford, matron
Gloucestershire Incorporated Chamber of Commerce (Stroud branch), Lansdown, Edward Northam Witchell, local sec
Inland Revenue Office, 1 Castle villas, Henry Hawken, supervisor ; James Kyle & P. G. Pielon, officers
Lansdown Hall, Lansdown, S. J. Dudbridge, manager
Public Baths, Bath street, E. A. Elliott, proprietor
Public Weighbridge, Rowcroft, Henry Newman, weigher
Stamp Office, Post Office, Henry Durden, distributor
Stroudwater Navigation Co. Lower wharf, Wallbridge, Wm. James Snape, manager ; William Clark, wharfinger
Subscription Rooms, .George st. S. J. Dudbridge, manager; F. Wintcrbotham, sec.; & John Elliott, agent
Town Hall, Market place, John Elliott, manager
2nd Volunteer Battalion Gloucester Regiment (C Co.), Drill hall, Bowling green, Captain Lindsey D. Winterbotham, commanding; R. W. Northcott & 11. H. Hooper, lieuts.; Col.-Sergt. Hambridge, drill instructr.; R. Knight, bandmaster

Stroud union.

The union comprises the parishes of Bisley, Caincross, Cranham, Horsley, Leonard Stanley, King Stanley, Minchinhampton, Miserden, Painswick, Pitchcombe, Rodborough, Randwick, Stonehouse, Stroud & Woodchester. The population of the Union in 1891 was 42,215 ; area 38,071 acres; rateable value, £158,082
Board day, friday, at the Board room, John street, Stroud, at 2 p.m.
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, William Warman, solicitor, Rowcroft, Stroud
Treasurer, Edward Weedon Winterbotham, High street
Relieving & Inquiry Officers, No.1 district, Edward Holland, Belmont road, Stroud; No. 2 district, Leonard Parsons, Bisley; No. 3 district, Charles H. Chandler, Nailsworth, Stroud
Vaccination Officers, Albert Bailey, King street, Stroud ; & John Hall, Stonehouse
Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators, No. 1 district, A. B. Davies (medical officer only), 14 Lansdown, Stroud & A. S. Cooke (public vaccinator only), Stroud; No. 2 district, George Thomas Brown Watters M.D. Stone-house ; No. 3 district, Charles John Power M.D. Nails-worth ; No. 4 district, F. Fowler, Minchinhampton; No. 5 district, T. E. Gordon, Chalford; No. 6 district, W. Balfour Fergusson M.D. Painswick
Superintendent Registrar, William Warman, 1 Rowcroft, Stroud; deputy, James Thomas, the registrar’s office, John street
Registrars of Births & Deaths, Bisley sub-district, L. Parsons, Bisley; deputy, George Roe, Bisley ; Horsley sub-district, Charles H. Chandler, Bath road, Nailsworth ; deputy, Lemuel Price, Nailsworth; Minchinhampton sub-district, William Arundell Jones, Minchinhampton ; deputy, Charles William Jones, Minchinhampton; Painswick sub-district, Clement P.irt, Painswick ; deputy, Mrs. Emily Keziah Birt, Painswick; Stonehouse sub-district,
John A. Pearce, Camscross ; deputy, Mrs. Adeline Pearce, Cainscross; Stroud sub-district, John Blanch, 15 Rowcroft retreat, Stroud ; deputy, Albert Bailey, Stroud; Rodborough sub-district, James Thompson, Rodborough; deputy, George Chandler, Stanfields, Rodborough
Registrars of Marriages, Alfred Morgan, Nailsworth; deputy, Rowland W. Morgan, Nailsworth ; Jn. Cromack,
Chalford ; Wm. Collins, 21 King street, Stroud; John Alfred Pearce, Cainscross; Clement Birt, Painswick ; Isaac M. Shane, secretary of Synagogue, Stroud Workhouse, built in 1837, and will hold 500 inmates ; E. H. Reeve, master ; Mrs. E. S. Reeve, matron; Rev. Edward Hugh Hawkins M.A. chaplain ; Alfred Square Cooke, medical officer ; the children are sent out to school
Rural Sanitary Authority.
Meets every alternate friday at the Board Room, John street, at 3 p.m.
Clerk, William Warman, 1 Rowcroft, Stroud
Treasurer, Edward Weedon Winterbotham, Bank house
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Partridge M.R.C.P.Irel. Bowbridge house, Stroud Inspectors of Nuisances, Albert Bailey, King street, Stroud ; & John Hall, Stonehouse

School Attendance Committee.

Meets every alternate friday at the Board Room, John street, at 3 p.m.
Clerk, William Warman, i Rowcroft, Stroud
Attendance Officers, Albert Bailey, Rowcroft retreat, Stroud; & John Hall, Stonehouse PUBLIC OFFICERS :—
Assistant Overseer & Collector of Poor’s Rates, Henry John Price, 2 Lansdown Certifying Factory Surgeon, Edward Arthur Howsin M.D. 11 Rowcroft
Clerk to the Burial Board & to the Stroud, Painswick & Rodborough School Boards & to the Marling School, Frederick Winterbotham, 5 Rowcroft
Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes & to the Stroud Highway Board & to the Main Roads Board, Edward Charles Davis, 10 Rowcroft
Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes for Whitstone District & to the Guardians of Wheatenhurst union, George Spire, 17 Rowcroft
Collector of Income Taxes, John James Pegler, Stroud Hill farm
Coroner for the Stroud Division of the County, Alfred John Morton Ball, Market place ; deputy, Richard Henry Smith,
Market place Inspector of Weights & Measures, Percy Thornton, 42 London road & James Kyle, London road
Superintendent of Police, William Harrison, Police station, Gloucester street
Town Crier, Harry Wood, 7 Exchange buildings

Places of Worship, with times of Services.
Parish Church, High street, Rev. George Fox LL.B. vicar; Rev. Arthur James Davis, curate 8 & 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. &6-30 p.m.; daily prayer, 9.30 a.m.; fri. 7.30 p.m
Holy Trinity, Whitehall, Rev. Edward Hugh Hawkins M.A. vicar; Rev. A. O. Trotter B.A. curate; 8 & n a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily prayer, 8.i5a.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.; litany,
fri. 11 a.m
All Saints Chapel of Ease, Thrupp, Rev. A. 0. Trotter, in charge ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
All Saints (Iron), Uplands, Rev. Walter Basil Broughton M.A. vicar, The Slad Immaculate Conception (Catholic), Beeches green, Very Rev. Wilfrid Lescher o. P. priest; mass, 8 a.m. & 10.30a.m.; afternoon service, 3 p.m.; daily mass, 8 a.m.; benediction, thurs. 7 p.m.; stations of the cross, wed. & fri. 7.30 p.m. during Lent
Jewish Synagogue, Rev. Abraham Levinson, rabbi
Baptist, John street, Rev. Walter Thomas Soper, 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.15 p.m Congregational, Old Chapel street, Rev. Alien Redshaw ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; mon. 7.30 p.m.; & wed. 8 p.m
Congregational, Bedford street, Rev. George Thomas Coster LL.B.; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.
Plymouth Brethren, Acre street; 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; mon. & wed. 7.30 p.m
Plymouth Brethren, Lower street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.;wed. 7,30 p.m
Primitive Methodist, Parliament street, Rev. A. Johnson ; 10.45 a-m- & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m
Wesleyan, Castle street, Revs. William M. Armistead & Frederick S.Chesters (Cirencester), 10.30a.m. &6.30p.m.; tues. 7.30 p.m.; prayer meeting, fri. 7.30 p.m

The Marling School, originated by Sir Samuel S. Marling bart, whose wishes have been carried out by his children, Sir William Henry Marling, Captain Walter Bentley Marling & Mrs. A. Robertson, has been established as a middle class school by a scheme framed under the Endowed Schools Act, dated 28th November, 1817: the foundation consists of .£10,500, contributed by the persons above named & various funds known as the Feoffees’ charity, Watts’ charity, Webb’s charity, ‘Wyndowe’s charity, John's charity, Hawker's charity, Aldridge's charity & Aldridge's Trafalgar charity ; attached to the school is the Dickinson Scholarship, founded by Mrs. Dickinson in memory of her late husband : the school buildings, erected in 1889, from designs by Mr. W. H. Seth-Smith, architect, occupy an admirable site in the Cainscross road, & comprise a large central hall, with class rooms, sanatorium, workshops, gymnasium built in 1894, & a head master's house, available for 16 boarders: W. J. Greenstreet M.A. head master; R. H. Bruce M.A. C. Hodgson B.A. C. H. H. Walker B.A. T. Hackwood F.G.O. & W. Broad, assistant masters ; F. Winterbotham, clerk to the governors. The school is managed by a body of governors, of whom two are to be hereditary representatives of the Marling family
School of Art, High street; W. Broad, master ; W. H. C. Fisher, sec. & Charles Upton, hon. sec
A School Board of 7 members was formed June 29, 1881 ; Frederick Winterbotham, 5 Rowcroft, clerk to the board ; Albert Bailey, King street, Stroud, attendance officer

Castle street (girls & infants), built in 1844 & enlarged in 1881 at a cost of £600, for 387 children; average attendance, 188 girls & 135 infants; Miss Catherine Smith, girls' mistress; Mrs. Hannah Peer, infants' mistress

Church street (boys), built in 1883 at a cost of about £3,700, for 243 boys; average attendance, 200; GeorgeHarper Ferneley, master Parliament street (mixed), built in 1884 at a cost of about £3,000, for 120 children ; average attendance, 120 ; James William Ricketts, master; infants', for 72 children; average attendance 72 ; Miss Emily Grist, mistress

Stroud End (mixed), built in 1870, for 186 children ; average attendance, 186 : Wm. E. Butland, master

Badbrook (girls & infants), built in 1840, for 148 girls & 80 infants ; average attendance, 103 girls & 60 infants ; Miss Alice Pearce, mistress; Mrs. Georgina Collins, infants' mistress

Thrupp (mixed), built in 1875 & enlarged in 1887, for 275 children; average attendance, 192; Samuel Bunting, master Catholic (Board) (mixed), Beeches green, built 1822, for
100 children; average attendance, 85 ; the children are taught by the Dominican sisters

NEWSPAPERS : — Stroud Journal, Lansdown, William Thompson, proprietor & publisher ; published Fri. Stroud News & Gloucestershire Advertiser, George street,
Edward Hulbert, proprietor & publisher ; published fri Citizen (branch office), London road, George Horwood, publisher ; published every evening

PARCELS RECEIVING HOUSES : — Great Western Railway, R. T. Smith & Co. agents, Kendrick street
Midland Railway, George street Sutton & Co. John Roberts, agent, Russell street Globe Parcel Express, George Horwood, agent, London rd General Carrier, R. T. Smith, George street (late Holmes)
RAILWAY STATIONS : — Great Western, Lawrence Henry Nolan, station master
Midland, Edwin Alien, station master

ARLINGHAM — Geo. Phillips, Royal George tap. fri. 3.30 p.m.
BISLEY — John Nicholls, Royal George tap. 4 p.m. & Mrs. Hunt, coffee tavern, High street, 1 p.m. daily
CAINSCROSS— Stephens, Railway hotel, 4 times daily
BRIMSCOMBE — Grimes, daily
George street
CHALFORD — Eddels, Railway hotel, daily; Townsend, Royal George tap, daily
CHELTENHAM — M.E. Ireland, from Painswick, thurs. 9 a.m CIRENCESTER — Mrs. Townsend, mon. & fri. from P. O.
Chalford a.m. ; Eddels, mon. 9 a.m. from Post office
GLOUCESTER — Thomas Dangerfield, Gloucester st. daily ; Pegler, Church street, mon. wed. & sat
KlNGSTANLEY & LEONARD STANLEY — James Flight, Royal George tap, 12.30 p.m. ; Railway hotel, twice daily
MISERDENE — John Heyden, Royal George tap, tues. & fri. 4 p.m.
NAILSWORTH — J. Davis, Imperial hotel, daily
OAKRIDGE — Whiting, Royal George tap, wed. fri. & sat
PAINSWICK — Soul, Post office, George tap, & M. E. Ireland, daily, from Railway hotel, Stroud
SHEEPSCOMBE — G. West, George tap, daily (except thurs.) at 3 p.m
STONEHOUSE — H. Eddels, Railway hotel, daily Stroud.