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Morris & Co's Directory of Gloucestershire

[h. signifies private residence.]

Acott George, stationer, toy dealer, and fancy repository, 30 High street
Acton and Mustard, engineers, millwrights, and machinists, Walbridge Iron works
Alder Charles, shopkeeper, Thrupp
Alder James, jobbing gardener, 22, Nelson street
Alderwick George, boot and shoemaker, Gloucester street
Aldridge Charles, billposter, 4 Parliament
street Aldridge Edwin, hairdresser, 13 High street
Aldridge Mrs. Harriet, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Wbiteshill
Aldum Mrs. Mary Ann, coal merchant, Bath place
ANTILL BENJAMIN, grocer, provision merchant, and corn, flour, and meal factor, 5 King street; and at Rodborough. (f&e advertisement.')
Apperly Alfred and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Dudbridge mills
APPERLY, CURTIS, AND CO., woollen merchants, Dudbridge
Apperly Ebenezer, surgeon dentist, 4 Row-croft
Apperly Joseph (firm of Apperly, Curtis, and Co.); h. Higlifield
Arkell James, farmer, Downfield farm
Arnold Fream, beer retailer, 4 Union street
Atkins David, fruiterer and greengrocer, 73 Tower hill
Avens John, manager at Thrupp ropery, Thrupp
Ayers The Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Havelock terrace, London road
Ayers William, coal dealer, Thrupp
Badminton Richard, " Star " inn, Whites-hill
Bailey William Henry, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for the Stroud district, John street
Bailey William Henry, printer, stationer, boot and shoedealer, and fancy repository, Gloucester street
Baker Charles, monumental mason, Upper Bourne
Ball George Thomas, greengrocer and fishmonger, Parliament street
Ball J. G. and Son, solicitors, County Court Offices
Ball Alfred John Morton (firm of J. G. Ball and Son), solicitor and deputy coroner for the county, County Court Offices
Ball John Garlick (firm of J. G. Ball and Son), solicitor, commissioner in common law and Chancery, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, County coroner, and joint registrar of County Court Offices ; h. Castle Bank
BARRETT MISS ELIZA, bookseller, stationer, and fancy repository, Acre st
Barrett Henry, eatinghouse-keeper, 5 John street
Barrett Richard, chemist and druggist, The Cross
Bassett Edward, beer retailer, Thrupp
Bassett Frederick Gree, dye works manager, 2 Frome buildings, London road
Bassett William, Sen., shoemaker, Paken-hill
Bateman Henry and James, wine and spirit merchants, Bedford street
Bateman Henry (firm of Henry and James Bateman) ; h. 2 Castle villas
Bates George, "Rising Sun" inn, Nelson street
Baxter Alfred and Son, hop merchants, London road
Baxter Alfred (firm of Alfred Baxter and Son) ; h. Downfield villa
Baxter Henry, grocer, Townsend
Baxter Walter William, painter, plumber, and glazier, 1 Acre street
Beard Charles, baker, Whiteshill
Beard John, marine store dealer, Acre st
Beard Thomas, cooper and pump maker, The Leazes
Beard William, butcher, Cash's Green
BECKET I. AND SONS, auctioneers, valuers, cabinet makers, undertakers, and house and commission agents, 1 Kendrick street; and at Bath
Bell Andrew, draper, silk mercer, milliner, hosier, and haberdasher, 56 High street
Bennet Henry, carpenter and joiner, John street
Betts Miss Mary, ladies' boarding and day school, London road
Biddell Sidney (firm of Watts, Hallewell, Biddell, and Stanton) ; h. Farm Hill
Bidmead Mrs. Annie, apartments, 2 Wood-bourn terrace, Middle street
Birch Brothers, outfitters, 53 High street
Birch John (firm of Birch Brothers); h. Slad road
Birch Thomas (firm of Birch Brothers) ; h. 53 High street
Bird Frederick Joseph, dyer and scourer, 7 Lansdown
Bird Joseph, watch and clockmaker, 7 Wood street
Bird Leonard Stanley, shoemaker, Whites-hill
Birt Joseph, saddler, greengrocer, and fruiterer, 4 High street
Bishop Caleb, furniture broker and cabinet maker, Summer street
Bishop Mrs. Eliza, registry office for servants, 10 Russell street
Bishop Richard TL, cabinet maker, Puck's Hole mill, Pakenhill
Bishop William, nailmaker, Whiteshill
Bishop William, woollen dyer, Stroudwater Dye works ; h. Brick house, London rd
BIZZEY JAMES, draper, silk mercer, hosier, haberdasher, and mourning warehouseman, Albion house, 1 and 2 King street, and 1 and 2 Russell street
Blackwell George, shopkeeper, Thrupp
BLAKE WILLIAM FREDERICK CHARLES, pharmaceutical chemist, 11 High streetBliss Mrs. Mary Ann, beer retailer, Russell street
Bloodworth John, butcher and beer retailer, Thrupp
Bond William, shopkeeper, 14 Acre street
BOWN JOSEPH AND CO., soda water, lemonade, and ginger beer makers, 21 and 22 Church street
Bown Joseph (firm of Joseph Bown and Co.); h. 22 Church street
BRADFORD JOHN, " Royal George " family and commercial hotel and posting house, King street
Brain Mrs. Martha, straw bonnet maker, 49 Middle street
Brimmell William M., beer retailer and sail maker, Canal side
Brinkworth Frederick, farmer, Horns farm
Brinkworth George, schoolmaster, New Bisley road
Brooks Abraham, commercial traveller, Thrupp
Brown James, grocer and provision dealer, . 8 The Cross
Brown Joseph, " Corn Exchange" wine and spirit stores, The Cross
Brown William, butcher. 54 Summer st
Browning Alfred, beer retailer and bacon curer, Callowell
Brown Mrs. Esther, laundress, Bowbridge lane
Browning Henry, butcher, Gloucester st
BROWNING MRS. MARY, wine and spirit merchant, "Corn Hall" hotel, The Market
BRYANT JOHN, glass, china, and-earthenware warehouseman, and dealer in antique china, works of art, articles of vertu, magic lanterns and slides, 14 King street
Buckler and Woollright, wool brokers, Walbridge
Bunker John, master of School of Art, 2Havelock terrace, London road
Burghope John, tailor and outfitter, G High street
Burrows George, bootmaker, Nelson street
Burrows William, beer retailer, Russell st
Burrows Mrs. Martha, chimneysweeper, 11 Tower hill
Burt James, boxmaker, Queen's square
Butcher John, tailor, Limekilns Butler Charles, insurance and general agent, and travelling tea dealer, 39 Chapel street
Butler George, coach builder, 2 Nelson st
BUTT AND SKURRAY, corn merchants and millers, Stratford and Cainscross mills
Butt Thomas, coal dealer, The Leazes
Card Caleb, supervisor of Inland Revenue, Liskeard villa, The Uplands
Carpenter John H. (firm of Lea, Carpenter,and Co.) ; h. Longcourt
Carpenter Mrs. Anna Maria, laundress, Bowbridge lane
Carr James B., chemist and druggist, 8 King street
Carrick James, librarian at SubscriptionRooms, George street
Carter George, shoemaker, Upper Bourne
Carter Henry, baker, 83 Summer street
Cetta J. and J., jewellers, cutlers, and Birmingham and Sheffield warehousemen,
High street
CHAMBERS WILLIAM CLUTTERBUCK, cloth and woollen dyer, Bowbridge Dye Works
Chandler Joseph, baker and shopkeeper, Ruscombe
Chandler Mrs. M., shopkeeper, Townsend
Chandler Reuben, baker, Breadstreet
Chapman Rev. William, gentlemen's boarding and day school, Whitehall Academy, Middle street
Cheriton William, grocer, and agent for W. and A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, 13 King street
Chew James, professor of music, dealer in pianofortes and harmoniums, tuner of musical instruments, and organist of the Parish Church. Meldon house, Russell street
Chew T. L. and Sons, furnishing and general ironmongers, cutlers, smiths, bellhangers, gasfitters, plumbers, locksmiths, and tinmen, art metal workers, and manufacturers of wrought and cast iron work, 24 King street
Chickaldy Joseph, plumber, painter, glazier, and refreshment rooms, 20 Russell street

CITY AND COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER EQUITABLE BUILDING SOCIETY, County Court Offices J. G. Ball and Son, agents ; William Clissold, surveyor.
Clapham John, miller and corn merchant, Park road
Clapham Robert, miller, Pakenhill
Clark George (firm of William Clark and Sons) ; h. Ashcroft house, Bowbridge
Clark John, bookseller and stationer, 21 King street
Clark William, surveyor to the Local Board, and inspector of nuisances, Gun cottage, Bowbridge
Clark William, shopkeeper, Pakenhill
Clark William and Sons, timber merchants, railway contractors, and steam saw mill proprietors, Bowbridge
Clarke Thomas, carpenter and shopkeeper, Summer street
CLARKE THOMAS JAMES, grocer and provision dealer, Summer street
CLARKE WILLIAM SHIRLEY, fishmonger, poulterer, and game dealer, 20 High street
Clayfield Samuel, solicitor, Parliament st
CLIFT ALFRED JOHN, woollen merchant, 3 Rowcroft
Clissold Henry, farmer, Whiteshill
Clissold John, carpenter and shopkeeper, Summer street
CLISSOLD WILLIAM, architect and surveyor, 6 Russell street
Close Mrs. Elizabeth Hogg, beer retailer, Badbrook
Clough Edward (firm of Gyde and Clough) ; h. Beeches green .
Clutterbuck Charles, antiquity dealer, 25 Middle street
Clutterbuck and Son, furniture brokers, upholsterers, & hairdressers, 14 High st
COLBOURNE MBS. JANE, milliner, 8 George street
COLE JOSEPH, assistant overseer and collector of poor rates for the parish of Stroud, and agent for Foster's Parcels Express Company (Limited), Russell st
Coleman Richard, beer retailer, Clay pits, Thrupp
Coley S. J. (firm of Gay & Co.); h. 57 High street
Coley William, cashier, 23 Middle street
Collett Joseph, haulier, Chapel street
Collins William, plumber and house decorator, 18 Russell street
Convent of St. Hose ladies' boarding school, Beeches green
Cook Enoch, shoemaker, Callowell
Cooke Alfred S., surgeon, 2 Rowcroft
Cooke Daniel, baker, Ruscombe
Cooke Henry, baker, Ruscombe
Cooke Mrs. Hester, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Ruscombe
Cooke Joseph, musician, and professor of the harp. Cromwell cottage, Old Bisley rd
COOKE, VICK, AND CO., engineers, machinists, brass and ironfounders, Dud-bridge Patent Machine Works.
Cooper Mrs. Esther, lodginghouse-keeper, Walbridge
Cordwell George, shopkeeper, Bowbridge
COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER, BANK (Branch of), Rowcroft Charles W. Kingdom, manager
Cousins Charles, stonemason, Bath place
Coward William, outfitter, 2 High street
Cox John, baker and shopkeeper, Pakenhill
Cruddock Thomas Henry, tailor and hatter, 61 High street
Cratchley Francis, stone and marble mason, Middle street
Cratchley Thomas, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, and furniture remover, Kendrick street
Cubitt George Robert, surgeon, 7 Rowcroft
Cull George Sidney, National schoolmaster, Whiteshill
Cummings Miss Caroline, day school, 56 Acre street
Curtis William, grocer, Parliament street