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Morris & Co's Directory of Gloucestershire

Dangerfield Andrew, farmer, Hill farm, Bisley road
Dangerfield Thomas, carrier, 20 Church st
Daniells Mrs. Jane, laundress, Bowbridge lane
*Daniels Albert R., coal dealer and haulier, Bourne
Daniels Joseph, baker and corn dealer, 1 Middle street
* Daniels Joseph, baker, coal and beer dealer and shopkeeper, Bourne
Dauncey Mrs. Caroline, butcher, 6 Union st
Davis Edward Charles, solicitor, and agent for the National Provident Institution, 10 Rowcroft
Davis George, tailor and shopkeeper, Middle street
Davis John, cooper, London road
DAVIS AND SPRING, auctioneers, timber and general valuers, and estate agents, Union street
Davis Wm., miller & mealman, Toadsmoor
Davis William, Jun., auctioneer, and wine and spirit merchant, " Albany " family and commercial hotel, George street
Dean Samuel, earthenware and marine store dealer, Parliament street
Deavin Walter Jones, shopkeeper, Bow-bridge
Denton John, blacksmith and farrier, Gloucester street
Denton Samuel, professor of music and music seller, G Exchange buildings
Dommett Emmanuel, shopkeeper, G Chapel street
Drake Miss Eliza, lodginghouse-keeper, 5 Chapel street
Drinkwater Joseph, baker, grocer, and provision dealer, Walbridge
Driver Alfred John, solicitor, commissioner in Common Law and Chancery, superintendent registrar, and clerk to the Board of Guardians for the Stroud Union, 1 Rowcroft
Dudbridge Francis John, carpenter, joiner, and coffin maker, Middle street
DUDBRIDGE STEPHEN JAMES, law writer aiul law accountant, Gloucester street; h. Slad road
Dudbridge Thomas, builder, 3 Fort terrace, Middle street
Dunn Henry, saddler, Walbridge
Dyke Edwin, tailor & outfitter, 7 Union st
*Eddells Edgar, " Victoria" hotel and posting house, Bourne
Edmonds Rev. Arthur Jonathan, M.A., head master of the Grammar School, Spring cottage, Slad road
Edwards Edmund, " Railway " hotel, Russell street
Edwards John, " Cross Hands " inn, Slimmer street
ELLIOTT JOHN, printer, bookseller, stationer, circulating library, bookbinder, machine ruler, and account book manufacturer, Stroudwater Steam Printing Office, 52 High street ; h. 20 Nelson st
England Fredk., stationer and toy dealer, 30 High street
English Edward Aldridge, plumber, glazier, and painter, Swan lane ; h. Whitehall
English and Sons, builders, joiners, carpenters, undertakers, and contractors, London road
English Richard (firm of English and Sons) ; h. 18 Whitehall
English Thomas William (firm of English and Sons); h. 12 Dorington terrace
*Essex John, timber merchant and saw mill proprietor, Bourne Saw mills
Evans Benjamin, shoemaker, The Leazes
Evans Charles J., printer, bookseller, stationer, circulating library, bookbinder, machine ruler, and account book and picture frame manufacturer, 23 George street; h. Willow cottage, Slad road
Exell Oswald, solicitor's clerk and insurance agent, 3 Albert buildings, London rd
Faraday Mrs. Susan, tobacconist, High st
Farr A. and Son, boot and shoemakers, 15Gloucester street
Farr Joshua, boot and shoemaker, 23 King street
Farr Kobert (firm of A. Farr and Son) ; h. Gloucester street
*FARRAR WILLIAM, cloth merchant, woollen cloth dyer, and coal factor, Dark Mill Dye Works
Fawkes George, farmer, Ferris court
Fawkes George Arthur, farmer, Thruppfarm
Fawkes and Son, grocers and corn dealers, Kendrick street
Fidler The Misses J. and S., Berlin wool, baby linen, and ladies' outfitting establishment, 8 Rowcroft
Field John, chimneysweeper, Union street
Field Richard Thomas, watchmaker, jeweller, and silversmith, 22 George street
Fisher Alfred, beer retailer, Silver street
Fisher Joseph Timbrell, solicitor and commissioner in Common Law, The Grange
Fisher William H. C., civil engineer, architect, and surveyor, 6 George street; h. Pakenhill
Fletcher Mrs. Ann, laundress, Beard's lane
Fletcher Charles, tailor, 88 Tower hill Fletcher Isaac, eatinghouse-keeper, 34 High street Fletcher Mrs. Sarah, greengrocer and fruiterer, 26 High street
Fletcher Thomas, beer retailer, 28 Tower hill
Flight Frederick, tailor, 24 Middle street
Flight and Smith, millwrights and engineers, Grove Mill
Flight Mrs. Susan, " Bell" inn, Walbridge
Flitter Mrs. Elizth., shopkeeper, Whiteshill
Fluck Joseph Henry, grocer, Gloucester st
Ford Alfred Thomas (firm of Restall and Ford), secretary to the Stroud Conservative Association Permanent Benefit Building Society, 9 Rowcroft
Ford Peter, lodginghouse-keeper, Havelock house, Slad road
Ford Rowland, brewer, "Greyhound " inn, Gloucester street
Foster William, seed merchant, Russell st
Foster William, Jun., nurseryman and florist, London Road Nursery and Spill-man's Court Nursery, Rodborough
Fowles John, baker, Thrupp Franklin Alfred, boot and shoemaker, 25 Nelson street
Freebury George, beer retailer, Lower st Freebury James, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Chapel street
FREEBURY J. W., stone and marble mason, engraver, and glass and sign writer, John street.
French Frederick William, miller and corn merchant, New Spring mills
FULLAWAY JOHN, portrait and landscape photographer, 6 George street; h. Pakenhill
Gammon Frederick J.,general and furnishing ironmonger, gasfitter, bellhanger, locksmith, and tin plate worker, 15 High street
*Gardiner Ezra, barge and boat builder Bourne dock
*GARDINER ISAAC, builder, brick maker, coal and stone merchant, Brimscombe.
Gardner Charles (firm of Gardner and Son); h. 19 King street
Gardner Mrs. Emily, National schoolmistress, Castle street
Gardner and Son, plumbers, glaziers, painters, paperhangers, and house decorators, 14 Gloucester street and Bow-bridge
Gardner and Son, hatters, 19 King street
Gardner Thomas William (firm of James Gardner and Son); h. 14 Gloucester street
Gardner William James, painter, plumber, glazier, and papcrhanger, Gloucester st
GAY AND CO., dispensing chemists, 57, High street.
Gay Joseph, baker, Middle street
Gazard John, draper, hosier, milliner, and baby linen warehouseman, 5 George st
Gibbons Joseph, shoemaker, Parliament street
Gibbs Edmund T., photographer, 18 and 19, George street
Gibbs Henry Hyne, manager, Linden villa, Lower street
Gillman Alfred, bookkeeper, Cainscross rd
Gillman William Henry, clerk, 5 Albert buildings, London road
Gillman William Hobbs, hosier and glover, 25 George street
GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANKING CO. (branch of), High street—Edward Weedon Winterbotham, manager
Gobbi Brothers, jewellers, cutlers, and Birmingham and Sheffield warehousemen, 10 King street
Gobbi Vincent, brushmaker, Bath place
Goddard Thomas, farmer, Ferris court
Goddard William, farmer, Middle Lypiatt
Godfrey Joseph, eatinghouse-keeper, 18 Gloucester street
Godsell Thomas, ale and porter brewer, maltster and miller, Salmon's Spring brewery
GORTON AND CO., sley and harness manufacturers, Thrupp.
Gould Thomas and Co., dye wood manufacturers, Rock mill
Gregory George Samuel, surgeon, Beeches green
Griffin Peter, blacksmith, Nelson street; h. 22 Tower hill
Grimes John, commercial traveller, Prospect villa
Grimes John, Scripture reader, 6 Parliament street
Grimes Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, 18 Church st
*Grist Richard, flock and shoddy manufacturer, Bourne, Gussage & Lewiston mills
Guest Miss Lydia, day school, Trafalgar house, Nelson street
Gwilliam William, news agent, 13 Acre st
Gyde and Clough, woollen dyers, Arun-dell mills
Hall Frederick, china and glass dealer and fancy repository, 33, King street
Hall John, grocer, baker, miller, and meal-
man, Pakenhill
Hallewell Joseph Watts (firm of Watts, Hallewell, Biddell, and Stanton) ; h. Stratford court
Halley Joseph Henry, builder and contractor, Trinity road
Hanbidge William, superintendent of police, Badbrook
Hancock James .Thomas (firm of John Libby and Co.) ; h. 5, Castle villas
Handley Alfred, watchmaker and jeweller, 6 George street; h. 1 Albert buildings, London road
Handley John Harris, boot and shoemaker, 7 High street
Harding Thomas, wheelwright, Bow-bridge lane
Harper Miss Ann, laundress, Pakenhill
HARPER BROTHERS, builders and contractors, Lansdown works, Slad road. Harper John, builder and contractor, Pakenhill
Harris Mrs. Catherine, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Whiteshill
Harris Henry John, butcher, Gloucester st
Hastings Alexander, travelling draper, Chapel house, Chapel street
Hastings Robert and Co., woollen manufacturers, Vatch mills, Slad road
Hastings Robert (firm of Robert Hastings and Co.) ; h. Stratford house
Hathaway George, beer retailer, The Leazes
Hawkes Samuel Beach, baker, Bow-bridge lane
Hawkins Benjamin, mason, Old Bisley road
Hazle George, coal merchant and farmer, Upper Bourne
Heath Hy. C., marine store dealer, 40 Acre st
Heaven Joseph, beer retailer and eating-house-keeper, 12 High street
Heelas Wilberforce, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery," clerk to the magistrates for Stroud division, to the commissioners of taxes, to the Stroud, Cainscross, and Minchinhampton, and the Lightspill and Birdlip Turnpike Trustees, solicitor to the Stroud Conservative Association Benefit Building Society, to the Stroud Conservative Registration Association, and to the Stroud Waterworks Co., 10 Rowcroft
Herbert Alfred, bacon curer and sausage maker, 38 Middle street
Herbert Thomas, sausage maker, 15 Lower st
Hewlett John, painter, plumber, and glazier, 26 King street
Hewlett Samuel, blacksmith, Upper Bourne
Hewlett William, coach builder and saddler, 16 Union street
HIGGS ALFRED, editor of the "Stroud Journal," 6 Lansdown; h. Cleeve Arilla, Slad road,
Hill Benjamin, shopkeeper, Whiteshill
Hill Charles, boot and shoemaker and leather seller, 67 High street
Hill Charles, vestry clerk and insurance agent, Middle hill
HILL DANIEL, grocer, draper, ironmonger, and boot, shoe, paraffin oil, lamp, and general dealer, Central stores, Thrupp
Hill James, butcher, 6 The Cross
Hill James, "British Oak," and haulier, Bowbridge
Hill Joseph (firm of Hill and Son); h. King street
Hill Richard (firm of Hill and Son), farmer, Callowell farm
Hill Robert Cooke, farmer, Fennell's farm, Bisley road
Hill and Son, ironmongers, bellhangers, gasfitters, tinplate, and zinc workers, and agricultural implement agents, King st
Hillier's Bacon Curing Company (Limited) pork butchers and bacon curers, 1G High street
Hinton Mrs. Mercy, shopkeeper, 18 Nelson street
Hobbs William, baker and confectioner, 24 George street
Hobson Edward, picture restorer, 4 London road
Hobbs William, blacksmith, Walbridge
*Hodgson Charles, silk throwster, Belvi-dere mill, Chalford road
Hogg Frank, mason, Gloucester street
Hogg George, beer retailer, The Leazes
Hogg Nathaniel, farmer, Whiteshill
Hogg Thomas, beer retailer, Walbridge
Hogg Thomas, beer retailer, Whiteshill
Hogg William (firm of Mills Brothers and Co.) ; h. 58 High street
Holborow H. G. and Co., engineers, i on and brass founders, millwrights, machinists, and engineers' tool manufacturers, Dudbridge Iron works
Holbrow Lewin, blacksmith, millwright, and engineer, Bowbridge
Holland John, grocer and provision merchant, 49 High street
Hollowa-y Brothers, wholesale clothiers, Steam Sewing works, Threadneedle st, and Kendrick street
Holloway G. & H., Junrs., sewing machine agents, 4 Kendrick street
Holmes Edward, engineer and millwright, Pakenhill; h. The Plain, Whiteshill
Holmes William, blacksmith, Pakenhill
Holmes W. and Co., general carriers, railway forwarding and emigration agents, corn merchants, and agents to the Great Western & Midland Eailways, George st
Hooper Charles, timber merchant and wood turner, Griffin's mills
Hoose Frederick, " Stag and Hounds " inn, Pakenhill
Hope John, tailor, 43 Parliament street
Horsham Enoch, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Parliament street
Horwood Mark, agent for Hillier's Bacon Curing Co., 10 High street
Howard John, woollen cloth manufacturer, Walbridge mills
Howard The Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, Beeches green
Howell Frank, gasfitter, bellhanger, and locksmith, 40 High street
Howell Henry James, coppersmith and tin-plate-worker, Walbridge
Hughes Alfred S., corn factor, Downfleld
HUGHES It. AND CO., drapers, milliners, hosiers, and haberdashers, Gloucester street
Hughes Richard (firm of R. Hughes and Co.) ; h. 5 Milclon terrace, Beeches green
HULBERT EDWARD, proprietor and publisher of the " Stroud News" and general printer, George street; h. En-field cottage, Downfleld.
Hulbert Henry, tailor, Havelock terrace, London road
Humphrys Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 36 Middle street
Humphrys and Son, auctioneers, valuers, accountants, land surveyors, and house and estate agents, 12 Rowcroft
Hunt Albert, " George Tap," King street
Hunt Edward W., " Sun Dial " inn, London road
Hunt Francis, builder, London road
Hunt Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 17 Old Bis-ley road
Hunt Robert, builder, London road
Hunt William C., cabinet maker and upholsterer, John street
Hussey James, grocer and provision merchant, The Cross ; h. 3 Exchange bldgs
Hyde Enoch, cheese factor, Church street; and wine and spirit merchant, Swan st; h. Castle villas, Castle street
Hyde James, grocer and corn dealer, Thrupp
Hyde Joseph, confectioner, pastrycook, and baker, 11 King street; h. 1 Mythe villas, Slad road