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Morris & Co's Directory of Gloucestershire

Isacke James, brush manufacturer. 25 Church street
ISACKE MISS it. S., ladies' boarding and day school, Stratford Abbey college. Jackson Richard S. S., solicitor and commissioner in Common Law, London road
James and Brookes, ropemakers, London road and Woodland mills, Slad road
JAMES GEORGE HENRY, paper merchant, letter-press, copper-plate, and lithographic printer, bookbinder, machine ruler, and manufacturing stationer, Russell street.
James Joshua, miller and mealman, Toads-moor
Jeens William, tailor, woollen draper, and hatter, 3 George street
JEFFERIES SAMUEL, coal merchant, and brick manufacturer, Coal wharf and Railway ; Standard and Lightspill Brick works, Dudbridge.
Jennings Mrs. Ann, coal dealer, 77 Summer street
Jennings Thomas, eatinghouse-keeper, 16 Gloucester street
Jones Miss Ann, grocer and corn chandler, 1 Tower hill
Jones Mrs. Caroline, laundress, Bath place
Jones Charles, brewer and maltster, Upper brewery, 1 Church street
Jones Daniel, corn dealer, London road
Jones Mrs. Frances Ann, dressmaker, 13 Nelson street
*Jones James, " Railway and Canal" tavern, Bourne
Jones Richard, baker, 38 Summer street
Jones Thomas, slater, plasterer, and bricklayer, 101 Summer street
Jordan Joseph, wheelwright, Pakenhill
Jukes William Henry, commercial traveller, 4 Castle villas
Kearsey and Parsons, solicitors, commissioners in Common Law and Chancery, and agents to the Imperial Fire Insurance Company
Kearsey William Woodruffe (firm of Kearsey and Parsons), solicitor, perpe.tual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, solicitor to the Stroudwater Navigation Co. and to the Brimscombe and Chalford Gas Co.
Keene Edward, beer retailer and shopkeeper, 87 Summer street
Keene Samuel, shoemaker, 6 Wood street
Keene William Henry, carpenter, joiner, and eatinghouse-keeper, Badbrook
Kemp Mrs. Esther Ann, fruiterer and seed dealer, 18 King street
King Mrs. Hannah, apartments, 1 Fort terrace, Middle street
King John, carpenter, wheelwright, and bird stuffer, Bourne
King Josiah. watchmaker and jeweller, Gloucester street
King Matthew, baker, 7 Summer street
King Thomas, " Anchor " inn and butcher, Walbridge
Kingdom Charles W., manager of County of Gloucester Bank, Rowcroft
Knee Thomas, leather seller and boot upper maker, 5 John street
Knee William, coal, salt, slate, and brick merchant, and barge owner, " Ship " inn, Walbridge wharf
Knee William, Jun., commercial traveller, 2 Albert buildings, London road
Knee William Kent, hat manufacturer and
milliner, 9 King street Knee Miss Winifred, straw bonnet maker, 19 Nelson street
Knight Robert G., draper, 66 High street
Laidlaw John, " Union" inn, and tea dealer, Union street
Lamer John, rope and twinemaker, Acre st
Lasbury John, butcher, 12 Acre street
Lawrence and Sons, corn, hay, and straw dealers, Gloucester street; and at Wes-ton-super-Mare
Lawrence Benjamin (firm of Lawrence and Sons) ; h. Gloucester street
Lawrence Moses, furniture broker, Gloucester street
Lea, Carpenter, and Co., brewers and maltsters, Cainscross Brewery
Leach John, butcher, Breadstreet
Leakey James Claude, banker's clerk, 2 Prospect place, Cainscross road
LEAVER JOHN, currier, leather merchant, and closed upper manufacturer, 33 High street
Lee F. T. and Co., tailors and outfitters, 27 High street
Lee Frederick Thomas (firm of F. T. Lee and Co.) ; h. 27 High street
London Isaac, coachbuilder, London road ; h. 1 London villas. Slad road
LEWIS BROTHERS, drapers, silk mercers, milliners, man tic makers, hosiers, and haberdashers, 1 and 2 George street. Lewis Frederick (firm of Lewis Brothers) ; h. 1 George street
Lewis Henry, hat manufacturer, 64 High street
Lewis James, shopkeeper, Whiteshill
LEWIS JAMES WATKIN-, wholesale and retail draper, silk mercer, hosier, and haberdasher, 3 and 4 King street; h. The Woodlands. Lewis Richard, shoemaker, Thrupp
LIBBY JOHN AND CO., woollen manufacturers, New mills
LIBBY JOHN AND CO., woollen manufacturers and merchants, George st
Liddiatt Thomas Townsend, builder, stone merchant, and beer retailer, New Bisley road
Little Edward Caruthers, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, returning officer for the borough of Stroud, and clerk to the Stroud and Chalford Turnpike Trustees, Lansdown
Locke Mrs. H., ladies' boarding and day school, Lansdown house
Lodge Edwin, beer retailer and shopkeeper,
39 Middle street Lodge Philip, baker and flour dealer, 22 High street
Lucas Joseph, tailor, 15 Nelson street Lucas William, " Rose " inn, Pakenlill
Lush Leonard, commercial traveller, Prospect house
Lusty Henry, " Green Dragon " inn, and cooper, King street
Lusty John, tailor, 43 Chapel street Maggs and Son, rope and twinemakers, Thrupp ropery—John Avens, manager
Maxfield John, manager of Public Baths, Badbrook
Margetson William (firm of Strachan and Co.); h. Brightside
Marsh Charles, baker, Bowbridge lane
Marsh William, farrier, Bath terrace, Bus-sell street
Martin Thos. Butt, farmer, Blenheim farm
*Maw Joseph Harvey, boot and shoe dealer, Bourne
Mayo James, " Rifleman's Arms" inn, Slad lane
Meats George Wells, clerk, Asliton villa, Downfield
Melsome Henry, butcher, Middle street
MERRETT ADOLPHUS, builder, carpenter, and joiner, 1 Prospect place, Cainscross road
Merrett and Son, umbrella manufacturers, and stick and cane dealers, 29 High st
Miller Alfred, gasfitter, locksmith, and bellhanger, Gloucester street
Miller George, butcher and greengrocer, Silver street
Mills Brothers and Co., grocers, 58 and 59 High street
Mitchell John, boot and shoemaker, 28 Nelson street
Monaghan Lawrence, farmer, Knapp farm
Monk Mrs. Elizth., dressmaker, Havelock terrace, London road
Morgan Charles, baker, grocer, and baconcurer, Parliament street
Morgan Edward Hammond, " Golden Fleece " inn, Nelson street
Moore Henry, furniture broker and cabinet maker, 25 High street
Morse John, " Nelson " inn, High street Morse Miss Maria, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 4 Middle street Mortimer William, butcher, Bowbridge Mountain Miss Ann, ladies' boarding and day school, 12 Russell street
Musgrave John Gunston, postmaster,George street
Myers Arthur, "Swan" inn, and postinghouse, Union street
Nash Walter Llewellyn, surgeon, 11. Rowcroft
Neate William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Steam Cabinet Works, 14 and 15 Russell street
Newton Joseph, shopkeeper, " Malakoff " inn, London road
Nicholls James, sexton, Summer street *Nicliolls Samuel, millwright, Bourne
Nicholls John E., basket maker, 23 Church street
Norman William Henry, draper, hosier, haberdasher, and boot and shoe warehouse, 24 High street
Norton James, carver, gilder, printseller, and picture frame maker, 21 George st
Nurse Edwin, bookkeeper, 7 Middle street Nurse James, tailor and outfitter, 50 High street
Ockford Mrs. Hannah, seed and corndealer, Little mill, Slad road
OKEY JAMES, boot and shoemaker, 20 George street
Onion Henry Camsell, banker's clerk, 2 Clarendon villas, Thrupp
Orchard John, mill manager, Stafford's villa, London road
Osborne William, shopkeeper, Chapel st
Paine William Henry, M.I., M.B.C.P., F.G.S., and physician to the Stroud General Hospital and Dispensary, Corbett house
Parker Frederick, beer retailer, Pakenhill
Parrott James, mail contractor, Acre street
Parsloe Joseph, farmer, Yew Tree farm, Thrupp
Parsons Robert Henry Best (firm of Kearsey and Parsons), solicitor, Russell street
PARTRIDGE N. AND CO., scarlet and fancy cloth dyers. Bowbridge
Partridge Thomas, physician, Bowbridge house
Paul Francis, tailor and draper, High st
Paul Hy., boot and shoemaker, Walbridge
Paul William, shoemaker, Trinity road Payne Ambrose, " Painswick House " inn, Gloucester street
Payne George Frederick, mill manager, Lewiston villa
Peacey William, pork butcher, 31 High st
Pearce Frederick, butcher, Walbridge
Pearce George, wheelwright, carpenter, and furniture remover, Gloucester street
Pearce John, seedsman, Whiteshill
Pearce Thomas, shoeing and blacksmith, London road
Pearse Walter, beer retailer, 9 Gloucester street
Pegler Geo., farmer, Slad farm, Slad lane
Pegler Jas., pawnbroker, 22 Middle street; and farmer, Stroud Hill farm
Pegler The Misses, grocers, 22 Middle st Perkins Edwin, "King's Head" inn, The Cross
Peyton John, carpenter, 8 Chapel street
Philp George T., hosier, glover, hatter, and shirt and collar maker, 6 King street
Philpotts Obed, bobbin manufacturer and general wood turner, Lansdown mills
Phipps Mrs., farmer, Stoken Hill farm 213
Phipps John Hy., farmer, Ruscombe farm
Phipps Thomas, farmer, Kite's Nest farm
Phipps Thomas, fanner, thrashing machine and drill owner, Abbey farm
Pickard Thomas, carpenter and secondhand clothes dealer, 19 Chapel street
Plested Henry, grocer and provision dealer, Gloucester street
Pollard William, farm bailiff, Upper Bourne
POND JOHN G., printer, lithographer, stationer, bookbinder, and machine ruler, 60 High street; h. 1 Hope villas, The Uplands
PONTING ALFRED F., bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 16 Nelson st
Ponting Walter, butcher, 19 High street
Power John Edward, butcher and greengrocer, 53 Middle street
Preater William, carpenter, joiner, picture frame maker, and bird stuffer, London rd
Price William, beer retailer, 72 Tower hill Pritchard Richard, beer retailer and grocer, Walbridge
Pyne Edward, cutler and grinder, Fisher's court, High street
Ractliffe Charles, farmer, Lower Lypiatt
Ractliff'e Henry, farmer, Kilmister farm
RANDALL JOHN, public accountant, secretary to the Stroud Provident Benefit Building Society, and to the Gas Light and Coke Company, 5 Rowcroft Randall Mrs. Mary, laundress, Elm cottage, Stratford park
RANDELL JAS. HOLLIS, A.I.A., accountant, and emigration, and insurance agent, Gloucester street and 8 Lansdowne
Ranger William, tailor, 8 Whitehall
*Redman Nathaniel, shopkeeper, Bourne Restall and Ford, auctioneers, valuers, accountants, land surveyors, and house, estate, and general agents, 9 Rowcroft; and at Chalford Revell
Thomas Edward, boot and shoe dealer, 4 The Cross
Richards Henry, commercial traveller, 21 Nelson street
Richards Mrs. Rachel, laundress, Bow-bridge lane
Ritchie Alfred and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Ham mills
Ritchie Alfred (firm of Alfred Ritchie and Co.); h. Thrupp
Ritchie Clement (firm of Alfred Ritchie and Co.) ; h. Thrupp
Robbins George William, saddler and harness maker, Kendrick street; and at Brimscombe and Nailsworth Roberts John, tailor, London road Roberts John, " Temperance Hotel," and agent for Sutton and Co., carriers, 19 Russell street
Roberts Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 3 Middle street
Roberts William (firm of Strachan and Co.) ; h. Downfield house
Robinson Charles, " New " inn, Bowbridge
Rodway and Co., drapers, hosiers, haberdashers, and outfitters, Old Manchester house, George street and King street
Rodway Opie (firm of Rodway and Co.); h. Tower Hill house
Rogers Thomas, earthenware and marine store dealer, 14 Lower street
*Rosamond Robert, beer retailer, Chalford road
ROUSE EDWARD, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Victoria rooms, King street.
Rowe Joseph, commercial traveller, Abbey cottage, Stratford
*Rowland George, carpenter, Brimscombe
Rudge Mrs. Susannah, seamstress, 16 Tower hill
Ruegg Edward James, general commission agent, Saxham house, Lansdown
RUEGG AND SON, wholesale and retail coal factors, Saxham house, Lansdown