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Morris & Co's Directory of Gloucestershire

SAGE JOHN EDWARD AND CO., silk mercers, linen drapers, lacemen, hosiers, glovers, haberdashers, milliners, and mourning warehousemen, 12 King st
Sage John Edward (firm of John Edward Sage and Co.); h. 12 King street
Salter Miss Louisa Maria, day school, Pakenhill
Sampson and Co., patent machine band manufacturers, Lower street
Sandling John, basket maker, Walbridge ; and at Dudbridge
Sansom Thomas, earthenware dealer, 73 Middle street
Sargeant John Edward, saddler and harness maker, 26 King street; and at Minchinhampton
Saunders Joseph, market gardener, Pakenhill
SHEAT EDWIN BENJAMIN, hairdresser, perfumer, and ornamental hair worker, 2 Kendrick street.
SIBREE JOHN, M.A., gentlemen's boarding school, Bussagehouse.
Sims Edward, clerk, Melbourne house, Lower street
SIMS WILLIAM, grocer, and wine, spirit, ale, and stout merchant, 65 High street; h. Prestbury villas, The Uplands
Sims William Seth, beer retailer, 11 Acre st
Sissons Robert, grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant, 3 Russell street
Skinner Isaac, farmer, Summer street
Skinner Joseph, beer retailer and butcher, Old Bisley road
SMITH ADOLPHUS C., wool and wo )llen cloth dyer. Dye works. Dudbridge
Smith Benjamin, hairdresser and tobacconist, 8 Union street
Smith Miss Catherine, National schoolmistress, Castle street
Smith Charles, ' Old Crown " inn, Ebley
SMITH DAVID, family and dispensing chemist, 1 The Market, and 54 High st
Smith David, baker, Whiteshill
Smith Edward, solicitor, 6 George street
Smith Edwin, baker, Ruscombe
Smith Edwin (firm of Flight and Smith); h. 7 Whitehall
Smith George, butcher, Breadstreet
*Smith James, coal merchant, Port house, Chalford road
Smith John, slater and plasterer, 6 Nelson street
Smith Joshua W., hairdresser, 8 High st
Smith Oliver Claude, photographer, 3 and 4 Lansdown
Smith Richard, slater and plasterer, 36 Tower hill
Smith Samuel, pig dealer, Ruscombe
Smith and Son, brewers and spirit merchants, Brimscombe brewery
Smith Stephen John William, "PostOffice" inn, George street
Smith Thomas, blacksmith, Upper Bourne
Smith Thomas Henry, carpenter, Parliament street
SMITH THOMAS LOWICK, family grocer, cheese factor, and Italian warehouseman, 4 George street
Smith Walter, baker and shopkeeper, Ruscombe
Smith Walter, butcher and beer retailer, Nelson street
SMITH WILLIAM, fishmonger, poulterer, and game dealer, Gloucester street.
Smith William Basil, " Crown" inn, and aerated water manufacturer, The Cross
Snape William James, manager of the Stroudwater Navigation, Walbridge
Sparkes Miss Eliza, dressmaker, 38 Middle street
Spencer Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 9 and 10 High street
Spire George, solicitor, clerk and superintendent registrar of Wheatenhurst Union, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for Whitstone district, and to the trustees of Cainscross turnpike road, 13 Rowcroft
Stanton and Son, woollen cloth manufacturers, Stafford's mills
Stanton Alfred John (firm of Stanton and Sons) ; h. Thrupp
Stanton Walter John (firm of Stanton and Sons) ; h. Culls
Steele Charles and Son, millers and bakers, 99 Summer street
Steele Jasper, beer retailer, Ruscombe
Steele Joseph, cabinet maker, 2 Middle st
Stephens Mrs. Mary Ann, beer retailer, Thrupp
Stephens William, solicitor, 8 Lansdown
Stephens William, " Lamb " hotel, Church street
Stocker Mrs. Ellen, " Bedford Arms " inn, High street
Stone Alexander, travelling tea dealer and draper, Badbrook
Stone Alfred, baker, 62 High street
STONE JOSEPH, wholesale and retail grocer, baker, and bacon curer, Chapel street
Strachan and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Lodgemore and Frome Hall mills
Strachan Josiah Greetheacl (firm of Strachan and Co.) ; h. Farm Hill park
Strange Joseph, coal merchant and haulier, 7 Osborne terrace, Thrupp; and at Brims-combe
STRANGE SAMUEL M., wholesale and family grocer, tea merchant, and provision factor, 23 High street
Strange Thomas, beer and coal dealer, and shopkeeper, Thrupp
STROUD JOURNAL, Office, Lansdown—Alfred Higgs, editor. STROUD NEWS, Office, George street
—Edward Hulbert, printer, publisher, and proprietor.
Tannahill James Alfred and Co., woollen cloth manufacturers, Woodlands mill, Slad road
TANNER FRANCIS, brewer and maltster, Thrupp Brewery; h. Beech house, Thrupp
Taylor Chas., blacksmith and shopkeeper, 24 Nelson street
TAYLOU JOSEPH, coal merchant, butcher, grocer and provision dealer, 10 Chapel street
Taylor Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 44 Chapel st
Taylor Walter, builder and plasterer, Wal-bridge
Taylor William, boot and shoemaker, Gloucester street
TAYLOR WILLIAM, tailor and woollen draper, 16 King street
Taynton John, beer retailer and baker, Parliament street
Teal George Arthur, shopkeeper, 14 Nelson street
Terrett Samuel, County Court bailiff, 87 Tower hill
Thornton Henry, fruiterer, greengrocer, and fishmonger, Nelson street; h. 5 Exchange buildings
Thornton Sidney, grocer, and flour, cheese, and bacon factor, 21 High street
Timewell James, master of the Union, New Bisley road
Townsend George, chimneysweeper, The Leazes
Townsend Richard, corn dealer and agricultural seedsman. Thanet house, London road
Trinder William, chemical manure manufacturer, Dudbridge ; h. New lodge, Old Bisley road
TROTMAN ANTHONY, door and carriage mat maker, and grocer, 13 Lower street
Trull James, mason and beer retailer, Tower hill, 42 Parliament street
Trundley George, china, glass, and sewing machine dealer, 5 The Cross
Tubbs and Lewis, elastic fabric manufacturers, Elastic mills, Dudbridge ; Oak-ridge mills, Chalford ; Abbey and Longford mills, Wotton-under-Edge ; and 29 and 30 Noble street, City, London, E.G.
Tuck William T., confectioner, Gloucester street
Turner William George, warehouseman, 4 Union buildings, London road
Tyler Charles, marine store dealer and greengrocer, 55 Parliament street
Tyler Joseph, bootmaker, 5 Middle street
Tyler William, fishmonger, greengrocer, and marine store dealer, 27 Acre street
Upfold Jacob, manager at Phoenix Iron Works, The Flat, Thrupp
Uthwatt Edolph A., surgeon, Far hill
Vaughan Mrs. Mary Ann, lodginghouse-keeper, 11 Church street
Vick Joseph, shoemaker, Pakenhill
WADE MRS. MARY, "Imperial" family and commercial hotel and posting house, Station road
Wadley Alfred, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 3 High street
Wager John William, shopkeeper, 72 Middle street
*WALL AND HOOK, builders and contractors, Bourne.
*Wall George (firm of Wall and Hook) ; h. Thrupp
WALLER GEORGE AND CO., engineers, machinists, millwrights, iron and brassfounders, boiler makers, and woollen cloth machinery manufacturers, Phoenix Iron Works, Thrupp.
Waller George (firm of George Waller and Co.); h. Thrupp
Warman William, solicitor, commissioner in Common Law and Chancery, and agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Company, Kendrick st
Washbourne James, painter, plumber, and glazier, Parliament street
WATHEW JOEL, watchmaker, jeweller, optician, and dealer in sewing machines, "Town Time," King street
Watkins Alfred, plasterer and shopkeeper, 6 Russell street
Watkins George B., farmer, Quarr House farm
Watkins Miss Harriet, dressmaker, Wood street
Watts, Hallewell, Biddell, and Stanton,
brewers and maltsters, Stroud brewery
Watts William, plasterer, 41 Tower hill
Weaver Samuel, farmer, Gussage
Webb Mrs. Emma, milliner and dressmaker, 5 Lansdown
Webb James, " Nag's Head" inn, and haulier, Tower hill
Webb James, baker, 7 Lower street
Webb John Edward, farmer, Callowell
Webb John and Son, butchers, 28 High st
Webb Joseph, marine store dealer, 24 and25 Tower hill
Webb William, collector of local rates, 5 Lansdown
WEBB WILLIAM BARNABAS, ''Duke of York" inn, Nelson street; and marine store dealer, 2 Tower hill.
Weight Robert, corn dealer and familygrocer, 39 High street
Weight Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, 1 Parliament street
West Geo., tiler and plasterer, 9 Whitehall
Wethered Charles, surgeon, West grange
Wheatley Joseph, agent to the Liverpool and London and Globe Fire and Life Insurance Company
Wheatley Mashiter, mason, Old Bisley road
Wheeler Frank Richard, saddler, 84 Tower hill White Edmund, baker and shopkeeper, Chapel street
White Enoch, boot & shoe dealer, Townsend White George, shopkeeper, Pakenhill White John, music and general printer and publisher, King street ; h. Church cottage, The Uplands
Whiting Henry, " King's Arms " inn, Upper Bourne
Whiting Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 15 King street
WILCE JOHN, draper, milliner, hosier, and haberdasher, 20 George street. Wilkes William, Inland Revenue officer, 4 Frome buildings, London road
WILLIAMS CORNELIUS, butcher, 63 High street.
Williams Edward, tobacconist, 2 The Cross Williamson David, draper and outfitter, 4 Albert buildings, London road
Winterbotham Edward Weedon, manager to the Gloucestershire Banking Company, and agent for the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, High street
Winterbotham Lindsey William, solicitor, commissioner in Common Law and Chancery, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, clerk to the Burial Board, and solicitor to the Stroud Provident Benefit Building Society. H Rowcroft
Witchell Edwin, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, clerk to the Stroud and Bisley Local Boards, and secretary to the Society for the Prosecution of Felons, Lansdown
Withey and Withey, grocers, tea dealers, and Italian warehousemen, 55 High street Withey Felix (firm of Withey & Withey) ; h. Upper Gannicox Withey James Samuel (firm of Withey and Withey) ; h. 55 High street
Withey William Butt (firm of Withey and Withey) ; h. 55 High street
Withey William Henry (firm of Withey and Withey); h. Upper Gannicox
Wollaston A. B. and Co., rag and waste merchants, and wool and flock manufacturers, Toadsmoor mills
WOOD JOSEPH, cabinet manufacturer, upholsterer, and carpet warehouseman, 25 King street.
Wood Joseph, coal and slate merchant, and brickmaker, Cheapside; h. Belle vue, Ryeleaze
Wood Peter Harding, billposter and town crier, 4 Tower hill
Woodward George Frederick, saddler and harness maker, Gloucester street ; h. 3 Hope villas, The Uplands Woodward Henry, baker and shopkeeper, Cuckold's brook
Woolley William, coal and salt merchant,
Walbridge; h. The Uplands Woolmer Arthur, grocer and provision dealer, 17 King street; h. Whitehall Wynn Edwin William, pawnbroker and ironmonger, 32 High street Yard John Rowland, cooper and vat builder,
Gloucester street; h. Merry walks YATES JOHN EYLAND, linen draper, hosier, glover, and haberdasher, 5 High street.
Yeates Robert, tailor, Russell street
Young James and Co., coal merchants, Railway Station yard Young James (firm of James Young and
Co.); h. Havelock terrace. London road
YOUNG THOMAS, wholesale grocer, flour and provision merchant, 45 High street