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  Glos Record Office Ref:P263 OV 31411

6 Jan 1795

Examination of Charles Holder. labourer aged 28 born in Randwick and in 1789 hired for 1 year to John Hewlet of Moreton Valence, yeoman and served one year less 3 days when employed as a weekly servant at the highways. Hannah his wife. Hannah 2 and Charles 9 months.

7 Dec 1795Examination of Edith Lewis singlewoman now pregnant and
Thomas Morse of Stroud, weaver, the father.
22 Apr 1796Examination of Sarah Chandler singlewoman now pregnant and
Daniel Whitaker of Randwick, clothworker the father.
11 Oct 1796Baptism of Elizabeth Stoker of William and Prudence Stoker born Sep
at St Clements Danes. Middlesex on 2 Oct 1796.
9 Apr 1799Examination of Benjamin Chandler, labourer aged 29 born in Stroud son
of Edward and Hannah Chandler. 9 years ago hired for 1 year as
servant to Thomas Harris of Harescombe. yeoman at #4. Wife Mary
and 2 children John 6 and Edward 2.
8 Jun 1802Examination of Richard Newcombe weaver aged 47 born in Randwick son of James Newcombe
and wife Martha who lived by certificate from Stroud. 7 years ago purchased house and garden
in Randwick for #28 and a broadloom in house for #2 of Stephen Sims of Stroud. He has a son
by second wife deceased. William 18 and 2 children by last wife deceased Hannah 13 and John 10.

This would appear to be the same Thomas NEWCOMBE
who purchased the cottage now known as "Cartref", near the plaing field.
See the list of documents deposited in the GRO relating to this cottage

26 Oct 1802Hannah Vines singlewoman on 2 Aug in Randwick gave birth to 2 female bastard children
and Charles Clissold of Stroud. yeoman the father.
15 Nov 1802Elizabeth Vines singlewoman pregnant
and William Pearce of Randwick,. Weaver, the father.
5 Apr 1803Elizabeth Vines singlewoman on 26 Feb gave birth
to a female bastard child and William Pearce of Randwick, weaver, the father.
3 May 1803Lydia Morgan singlewoman in 1797 gave birth to a male bastard child
and Thomas Tanner of Randwick. labourer the father.
6 Sep 1803Esther Bennett on 16 Apr gave birth to a female bastard
child and Joseph Townsend of Stonehouse. clothworker the father.
1 Jan 1811William Vines. labourer aged 28 born in Randwick.
In 1800 hired for 1 year to Mr Samuel Clutterbuck of Stonehouse, tallow chandler.
wife Mary and 2 children John 2 and Edwin 1.
3 May 1811Elizabeth Chandler on 28 Sep 1806 gave birth to a male
bastard child and Nathaniel Thomas of Randwick. weaver the father.
16 Feb 1816Susannah Watkins singlewoman pregnant
and Seth Sims of Stroud the father
17 Jul 1818Prudence Bennett singlewoman pregnant
and George Adey of Uley, clothier the father.
25 Apr 1823Hester Vick singlewoman on 31 Mar gave birth to a female
bastard child and Daniel Hodges of Stroud, stonemason, the father.
12 NOV 1824Joseph Ford weaver born in Uley where parents settled.
Father now residing there. About 1805 married at Leonard Stanley to Rachel wife
and has 10 children living John 18. Ann 16. Thomas 14. Augustus 12 Richard 11.
David 9. Alfred 6. Sophia 4. Deborah 2 112 and Ephraim 1 1/2.
17 MAR 1826

Hannah Morgan singlewoman gave birth to a male bastard child and

William Whitaker of Randwick. clothworker the father.

no date

Letter from Charles Holder. overseer to Samuel Longney of Arlingham

for payment for Ann Aldridge's child.

(no record in Arlingham records)